Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance



Evaluation of BlockChain: Meat Protection Trials Case Study

Blount, Y., Tung, A. & Putra, Y.


Project: Research


COVID-19 crisis triggers teleworking: A global cure or a short-term solution?

Saba, T., Cachat-Rosset, G., Marsan, J., Klarsfeld, A., Carillo, K., Ozbilgin, M. F., Ng , E., Taksa, L., Blount, Y., Balnave, N. & Dados, N.


Project: Research

Gaming to Net Zero

Hazelton, J., Ryan, M. & Leong, S.


Project: Other

Uncertainty and Monetary Policy

Sheen, J., Wang, B., Xu, D., Ying, S., Tillmann, P., Finck, D. & Hafemann, L.


Project: Other

Distributed memory cluster for the Intersect consortium of universities

Cheung, K., Lewis, G., Wilkins, M., Hawkes, E., Kennedy, E., Ferry, M., King, G., Zomaya, A., Susilo, W., Goecke, R., Simoff, S., Andrew, R., Ford, M., Ranzi, G. & Beekman, M.

31/08/17 → …

Project: Research

Integrated Reporting, Audit Fees and Audit Quality

Lu, M. & Zhou, S.

1/07/17 → …

Project: Research

Risks and Risk Management in Not-for-Profit Organizations

Chen, J. & Dyball, M.

13/02/17 → …

Project: Research

Professional Scepticism in Audit Engagements

Martinov-Bennie, N., Dyball, M. & Leung, P.


Project: Research

Data Analytics in Audit Practice: Implications for Standard Setters and Regulators

Martinov-Bennie, N., Vasarhelyi, M., Hecimovic, A., Soh, D. & Rozario, A.


Project: Research

Measuring Public Value in Higher Education

Guthrie, J. & Farneti, F.


Project: Research

Intellectual Capital and Universities

Dumay, J.


Project: Research