Australia's Submission to the 2019 Global Congress of AIPPI: Copyright in artificially generated works

Selvadurai, N., Swinn, M., Franke, P., Treloar, P. & Jack, G.


Project: Research

CEDAW: Eliminating Violence against Women in Hong Kong?

Barrow, A. & Scully-Hill, A.


Project: Research

Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics (CAVE)

Mackenzie, C., Kennett, J., Langdon, R., Menzies, P., Rogers, W., Smith, N., Sutton, J. & Weisbrot, D.


Project: Research

Centre for Legal Governance (CLG) (formerly Centre for Comparative Law, History and Governance)

Opeskin, B., Meyerson, D., Buck, A. & Horrigan, B.


Project: Research

Climate Futures at Macquarie (Centre)

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Project: Research

Conserving intangible heritage in the South Pacific

Techera, E.


Project: Research

Creation of a digital legal research portal (launchpad)

Stewart, C., Horrigan, B., Buck, A., Kercher, B., Klein, N. & Tomossy, G.


Project: Research

Crowdsourcing Constitution-Making

Bernal-Pulido, C.


Project: Research

Developing a Pacific region Indigenous owned pharmaceutical company

Kavelin, C.


Project: Research

Difficult decisions: a critical analysis of consent to high-risk medical procedures

Kerridge, I., Stewart, C. & Jordens, C.


Project: Research

Discovering Australian Guardianship Law

Stewart, C.


Project: Research