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1989 …2023

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Areas of Expertise

  • Advertising, especially creativity, strategy, integration and effectiveness
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing research methods
  • Cross cultural issues/international marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management



Professor Scott Koslow researches advertising creativity and strategy, and also consumer behaviour and marketing research methods. His research has appeared in premier marketing journals like the Journal of Marketing (JM)Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS), Journal of Advertising (JA), Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) and the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR). He serves on the review boards of JAMS, JA and JAR, has served as special issue editor of JA and has served as Associate Editor or both JA and JAR. Twice he has won JAMS' Best Reviewer Award under two different editors. He has also been the winner, runner up, and nominated for JA's Best Article Award for three different articles.

Scott is the most published scholar in advertising in the premier journals in marketing and advertising over the last 40 years. A recent Web of Science search going back to 1981 shows that among advertising oriented articles in Journal of MarketingJournal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Consumer ResearchJournal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Marketing Science, plus all articles in the Journal of Advertising and the Journal of Advertising Research, Scott has published 27 articles, or more than any other academic. 

Scott received his PhD from the University of Southern California and he has taught at the University of Texas, the University of Michigan and most recently at the University of Waikato, New Zealand's number one ranked business school based on PBRF rankings (NZ's version of ERA). He has also been an academic visitor at Imperial College London, New York University, Baruch College of the City University of New York, and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Scott also has consulted widely for firms like Toyota, General Motors, Neilsen, K-Mart, and major organisations in the electricity supply industry and food marketing area. Scott has also worked with most of the major advertising agencies brands like: BBDO, BBH, Bates, Bozell, Campbell-Ewald, Carlson, D'Arcy, DDB, DLKW, Doner, Euro RSCG, FCB, Gotham, Grey, Interone, JWT, Leo Burnett, Lowe, M&C Saatchi, McCann, Meridian, Mother, Ogilvy & Mather, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, Wieden+Kennedy, Whybin TBWA, Y&R and others.


Teaching Interests

  • Advertising
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Research methods
  • Retailing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management



The majority of Scott's research has been in advertising, but he has broad interests in other areas. He also works in consumer behaviour, international marketing, marketing strategy, and retailing. He is also interested in psychology, organisational behaviour and cross cultural issues.


Teaching Interests

  • Advertising, media and promotion
  • Marketing strategy
  • Research methods
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Organizational buying behaviour
  • Marketing management
  • Retailing/channels of distribution
  • International/cross cultural marketing 


Scott has served as Associate Editor for

  • Journal of Advertising and
  • Journal of Advertising Research.

Special issue editor, Journal of Advertising, 2008, special issue on 'Creativity Research in Advertising'.

Scott also reviews approximately 50 manuscripts per year and serves on the review boards of several journals.

  • Review board member, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (ERA A* ranking), Journal of Advertising (ERA A ranking), Journal of Advertising Research (ERA A ranking), International Journal of Advertising (ERA B ranking), Australasian Marketing Journal (ERA B ranking)
  • Regular reviewer, Journal of Marketing (ERA A* ranking), Journal of Marketing Research (ERA A* ranking), Marketing Science (ERA A* ranking), Journal of Consumer Research (ERA A* ranking), European Journal of Marketing (ERA A ranking), Tourism Management (ERA A ranking)


Major Publications

Koslow, Scott, Huw O’Connor, Mark Kilgour and Sheila L. Sasser (2024), “How Do Advertising Agencies Respond to Incentives? Perceptions of Creativity in Competitive Account Reviews and Pay-for-Performance Compensation,” Journal of Advertising Research, forthcoming.

al-Shuaili, Ahmed, Scott Koslow and Mark Kilgour (2023), “Who Needs Highly Creative Advertising? How Brand Familiarity Moderates Creativity’s Influence on Attention, Affect and Memory,” Journal of Advertising Research 63(3), 236-252.

O’Connor, Huw, Scott Koslow, and Mark Kilgour (2023), “Absorbing External Information: How Team-Level Cohesion and Friction Influence the Formulation of Creative Advertising,” Journal of Advertising 52 (3), 330-348.

Bilby, Julie, Scott Koslow and Sheila L. Sasser (2023), “Fear in Adland: How Client Risk Aversion and Agency Clientelism Limit the Development of Great Creative Campaigns,” Journal of Advertising 52 (1), 57-74.

Abedi, Farzad, and Scott Koslow (2022), “Battling Banner Blindness: Comparing Media and Creative Strategies Using an Executive Functions Approach,” Journal of Advertising Research 62 (3), 201-218. Runner up, Best Article Award.

Koslow, Scott, Ardalan Sameti, Guda van Noort, Edith Smit and Sheila Sasser (2021), “When Bad Is Good: The Creative Conundrum of Agency-Client Relationships,” Journal of Advertising (forthcoming).

Koslow, Scott and David W. Stewart (2021), “Message and Media: The Future of Advertising Research and Practice in a Digital Environment,” International Journal of Advertising.

Calderwood, Richard, Scott Koslow and Sheila L. Sasser (2021), “Marketer Perceptions of Client-Agency Co-Creation: Exploring the Levels of Partnership Collaboration,” Journal of Advertising, 50 (3). 309-319. Finalist for Best Article Award.

Parker, John, Scott Koslow, Lawrence Ang and Alexander Tevi (2021), “Consumer Insight Supports the ‘Leap’ to a Creative Idea by Shifting the Advertising Appeal from Functional to Emotional,” Journal of Advertising Research, 61 (1), 30-43.

Rosengren, Sara, Martin Eisend, Micael Dahlen, and Scott Koslow (2020) “A Meta-Analysis of When and How Advertising Creativity Works,” Journal of Marketing, 84(6), 39-56.

Kilgour, Mark, Scott Koslow and Huw O’Connor (2020), “Why the Rejection: Understanding Actor-Observer Differences in Assessments of Creative Ideas,” Journal of Advertising Research, 60 (1), 12-27.

Tevi, Alexander, Scott Koslow and John Parker (2019), “Can Media Neutrality Limit Creative Potential? Understanding How Advertising Creatives Use Creative Templates across Media,” Journal of Advertising Research, 59 (3) September, 312-328.

West, Douglas C., Mark Kilgour and Scott Koslow (2019) “Future Directions for Advertising Creativity Research,” Journal of Advertising, 48 (1) January-March, 102-114.

Parker, John, Lawrence Ang and Scott Koslow (2018), “The Creative Search for an Insight in Account Planning: An Absorptive Capacity Approach,” Journal of Advertising, 47 (3), 237-254.

O’Connor, Huw, Scott Koslow, Mark Kilgour and Sheila L. Sasser (2018), “Structural Drivers of Creativity: When Less is More…, or Less,” Journal of Advertising Research, 58 (2) June, 202-217.

Tevi, Alexander and Scott Koslow (2018), “How Rhetoric Theory Informs the Creative Advertising Development Process: Reconciling Differences between Advertising Scholarship and Practice,” Journal of Advertising Research, 58 (1) March, 111-128.

Touchstone, Ellen E, Scott Koslow, Prem N Shamdasani and Steven D’Alessandro (2017), “Speaking Their Language Is Not Enough: The Linguistic Servicescape and Comparing the Symbolic and Informational Effects of Language Usage,” Journal of Business Research.

O’Connor, Huw, Scott Koslow, Mark Kilgour and Sheila Sasser, (2016), “Do Marketing Clients Really Get the Advertising They Deserve? The Trade-Off between Strategy and Originality in Australian and New Zealand Agencies,” Journal of Advertising, 45 (1), 147-155.

Koslow, Scott (2015), “I Love Creative Advertising: What It Is, When to Call for It, and How to Achieve It,” Journal of Advertising Research, 55 (1), March, 5-8. Lead Article

Sasser, Sheila L, Scott Koslow and Mark Kilgour (2013), “Matching Creative Agencies with Results-Driven Marketers: Do Clients Really Need Highly Creative Advertising?” Journal of Advertising Research, 53 (3) 297-312.

Kilgour, Mark, Sheila Sasser and Scott Koslow (2013), “Creativity Awards: Great Expectations?” Creativity Research Journal, 25 (2) 163-171.

Sasser, Sheila L and Scott Koslow, (2012), “Passion, Expertise, Politics and Support: Creative Dynamics in Advertising Agencies,” Journal of Advertising, 41, 3 (fall), 5-17. Lead article

Koslow, Scott and Gerard J. Tellis (2011), “What Scanner-Panel Data Tell Us about Advertising: A Detective Story with a Dark Twist,” Journal of Advertising Research, 51 (March, supplement), 87-100. Special issue celebrating the 50th issue of JAR.

Koslow, Scott and Carolyn C. Costley (2010), “How Consumer Heterogeneity Muddles the International Advertising Debate,” International Journal of Advertising, 29 (2), 221-244.

Kilgour, Mark and Scott Koslow (2009), “Why and How Do Creative Thinking Techniques Work?: Trading Off Originality and Appropriateness to Make More Creative Advertising,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37 (3), 298-309.

Sheila L. Sasser and Scott Koslow (2008), “Desperately Seeking Advertising Creativity: Engaging an Imaginative 3 P’s Research Agenda,” Journal of Advertising, 37 (Winter), 5-19. Lead article

Sasser, Sheila L, Scott Koslow, and Edward A. Riordan (2007) “Creative and Interactive Media Use by Agencies:  Exploring the Media Palette of Creative Advertising Campaigns," Journal of Advertising Research, 47 (September), 237-256

Koslow, Scott, Sheila L. Sasser and Edward A. Riordan (2006), “Do Marketers Get the Advertising They Need or the Advertising They Deserve? Agency Views of How Clients Impact Creativity,” Journal of Advertising, 35, 3 (Fall), 85-104. Runner up for Best Article Award

Koslow, Scott, Sheila Sasser and Edward A. Riordan (2003), “What Is Creative to Whom and Why?: Perceptions in Advertising Agencies,” Journal of Advertising Research, 43 (March), 96-110.

Koslow, Scott (2000), “Can the Truth Hurt?: How Honest and Persuasive Advertising Can Unintentionally Lead to Increased Consumer Skepticism,” The Journal of Consumer Affairs, 34 (Winter), 245-268.

Koslow, Scott, Prem N Shamdasani, and Ellen E Touchstone (1994), “Exploring Language Effects in Ethnic Advertising:  A Sociolinguistic Perspective,” Journal of Consumer Research, 20 (March), 575-585.

Stewart, David W. and Scott Koslow (1989), “Executional Factors and Advertising Effectiveness:  A Replication,” Journal of Advertising, 18 (3), 21-32.  Winner, Best Article Award



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