2014 Business/Higher Education Roundtable (B/HERT) National Award

Prize: Honorary award


2014 Business/Higher Education Roundtable (B/HERT) National Award for Excellence in Accounting Teaching Collaboration.
[Awarding body: B/HERT, November 20, 2014]

Citation: Dr Rahat Munir conceptualized and developed ACCG315 (Accountants in the Profession) unit as an integral part of the BCom (Professional Accounting) and BCom - Accounting programs. The unit allows students an opportunity to interact and engage with a diverse group of industry partners across varied sectors, investigate and consolidate the contextual issues that influence the competitive business environment for an accountant and to explore and make meaning of what that might mean for them as individuals on the path of becoming professionals. Through Industry partner presentations, research project and case study design and students’ presentation and feedback sessions, the collaboration has enabled widening participation opportunities for students in professional communities, personifying participation as a keystone in the accounting student experience.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsBusiness Higher Education Round Table (BHERT)