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Distinguished Contribution to Science

Ron Rapee (Recipient), Oct 2009

Prize: Honorary award

Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Award

Ulrike Garde (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Honorary award

Fellow of Australian Academy of Science

Mark Westoby (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Honorary award

London School of Economics - Paul Woolley Centre Honorarium Award

Lorenzo Casavecchia (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Honorary award

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

RF Kefford (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Honorary award

NICTA Summer Scholarship

Sidong Liu (Recipient), 13 Nov 2009


Travel Award

Varinder Jeet (Recipient), 2009


Visiting Professorship at CNRS, Montpellier, France

Sue O'Reilly (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Other distinction


1st Best Student at Bachelor’s Level

Ali Lalbakhsh (Recipient), 23 Feb 2008

Prize: Other distinction

Academic Performance

Nasir Wabe (Recipient), 2008

Prize: Other distinction

Alcoa Visiting Professor, University of Western Australia

Daniel Druckman (Recipient), 1 Jun 2008

Prize: Other distinction