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Nature's 10

Wendy Rogers (Recipient), 19 Dec 2019

Prize: Other distinction

Philip Brown Prize

Terry Pan (Recipient) & Jianlei Han (Recipient), 4 Jul 2017


Editor's choice-International Journal for Quality in Health Care

Johanna Westbrook (Recipient), L. Li (Recipient), Elin C. Lehnbom (Recipient), Melissa Baysari (Recipient), Jeffrey Braithwaite (Recipient), R. Burke (Recipient), C. Conn (Recipient) & R.O. Day (Recipient), 2015


Shortlisted as a finalist [one of four from 200 articles] for the Diana Forsythe Award

A. Georgiou (Recipient), Johanna Westbrook (Recipient), Jeffrey Braithwaite (Recipient), R. Iedema (Recipient), S. Ray (Recipient), R. Forsyth (Recipient), A. Dimos (Recipient) & T. Germanos (Recipient), 2007


Finalist, Best Education Article in an Open Access Journal

R. Iedema (Recipient), P. Degeling (Recipient), Jeffrey Braithwaite (Recipient) & D. Chan (Recipient), 2003


Fellow, Australian Institute of Management

Jeffrey Braithwaite (Recipient), 2000

Prize: Other distinction

Michael Young Prize 2007

Liz Pellicano (Recipient), Oct 2007


Neil O’Connor Award 2006

Liz Pellicano (Recipient), Sep 2006


Medicine 2.0 mHealth Research Award

Morwenna Kirwan (Recipient), 16 Sep 2012

Prize: Honorary award

London School of Economics - Paul Woolley Centre Honorarium Award

Lorenzo Casavecchia (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Honorary award

Distinguished Career Award

Ron Rapee (Recipient), 2009

Prize: Honorary award

Honorary Fellow, Australian College of Legal Medicine

Rosalind Croucher (Recipient), Aug 2004

Prize: Honorary award

ANZGG Distinguished Geomorphologist Medal

Patricia Fanning (Recipient), 7 Feb 2019

Prize: Other distinction

C.L. Davids Fødselsdagslegat

Alan G Walmsley (Recipient), 2016


2017 NSW Premier's Woman of the Year

Catherine Birman (Recipient), 8 Mar 2017

Prize: Honorary award

Cochlear Hearo Award

Catherine Birman (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Honorary award

Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Marie-Louise Harvey (Team leader), Jayde Cahir (Recipient) & Trudy Ambler (Recipient), 2012

Prize: Teaching award