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Medscape Physicians of the Year 2019

Wendy Rogers (Recipient), 16 Dec 2019

Prize: Other distinction

CNRS's Bronze Medal

Olivier Alard (Recipient), 2008


Jury Prize for Best Presentation and Paper

Chi Lo (Recipient), 2014


DeLong Book History Prize

Brent Nongbri (Recipient), 2019


Editorial Board member: Yeast

Sakkie Pretorius (Recipient), 1995

Prize: Other distinction

Member of The Royal Society of New South Wales

Sakkie Pretorius (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Other distinction

Best poster in HDR Conference, 2018

Ali Lalbakhsh (Recipient), 7 Jun 2018

Prize: Other distinction

Fulbright Alumni Award

Neil Saintilan (Recipient), 10 Apr 2015


NSW Premier's History Award

Tom Murray (Recipient), 15 Aug 2004


Academic Staff Awards 2017

Shuaifei Zhao (Recipient), 2017


Carrick Award for Australian University Teaching

Ian Jamie (Recipient), Scott H. Kable (Recipient), Mark A. Buntine (Recipient), Simon C. Barrie (Recipient) & Justin R. Read (Recipient), 2007


COCA Research Ltd First prize for Research Excellence

Katie De Luca (Recipient), Lynne Parkinson (Recipient), Scott Haldeman (Recipient), Julie E. Byles (Recipient) & Fiona Blyth (Recipient), 15 Oct 2016


Best Poster Asia Pacific Region

Katie De Luca (Recipient), Lynne Parkinson (Recipient), Henry Pollard (Recipient), Julie E. Byles (Recipient) & Fiona M. Blyth (Recipient), 16 Mar 2015


Sydney Genesis Program Hatch Award

Sidong Liu (Recipient), Yuyi You (Recipient) & Lelin Zhang (Recipient), 1 Jun 2018


DICTA 2018 CISRA Potential Impact Award

Chaoyi Zhang (Recipient), Yang Song (Recipient) & Sidong Liu (Recipient), 13 Dec 2018

Prize: Honorary award

The University of Sydney Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

Kylie Gwynne (Recipient), Boe Rambaldini (Recipient), Vita Christie (Recipient), Jemma Chao (Recipient) & Yvonne Dimitropoulos (Recipient), 2019