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New York Festivals Radio Awards

Tom Murray (Recipient), 24 Jun 2019


NHMRC Ethics award

Wendy Rogers (Recipient), 13 Mar 2019

Prize: Honorary award

NICTA Summer Scholarship

Sidong Liu (Recipient), 13 Nov 2009


Nimmo Lecturer

Rupert Leong (Recipient), 31 Jan 2017

Prize: Honorary award

Nobel Fellow

Ben Schreer (Recipient), 31 Jan 2012


Northern Area health Industry Scholarship

Verity Greenwood (Recipient), Oct 2003

Prize: Other distinction

NSW Government Award

Vincent Hurley (Recipient), 19 Jul 2008


NSW Institute for Educational Research (IER) Student Research Grant

Mark Gronow (Recipient), 2 Feb 2017

Prize: Other distinction

NSW Premier's History Award

Tom Murray (Recipient), 15 Aug 2004


NSW Public Sector Awards

Vincent Hurley (Recipient), 8 Apr 2008


NSW Resilient Australia Community Award - Highly Commended

Mel Taylor (Recipient), Jenny Bigelow (Recipient), Warren Hole (Recipient) & Mary-Lou Keeting (Recipient), 16 Oct 2018


NSW Young Tall Poppy

Jemma Geoghegan (Recipient), 1 Aug 2017


NTU Excellent Graduate Student Teaching Award

Chong It Tan (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Teaching award

Nura Gili Award

Lauren Tynan (Recipient), 2017


Officer, General Division of the Order of Australia

Frances Gentle (Recipient), 11 Jun 2018

Prize: Honorary award

Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

Gregory Leigh (Recipient), 9 Jun 2014

Prize: Other distinction