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2017 NSW Premier's Woman of the Year

Catherine Birman (Recipient), 8 Mar 2017

Prize: Honorary award

2017 Member Judging Panel by the Momentum Media

Rahat Munir (Recipient), Dec 2017

Prize: Other distinction

2017 Member Judging Panel

Rahat Munir (Recipient), Jul 2017

Prize: Honorary award

2017 BHERT Award for Outstanding Collaboration for National (non-economic) Benefit

Lesley Hughes (Recipient), Michelle Leishman (Recipient), Leigh Staas (Recipient), Rachael Gallagher (Recipient), Nola Hancock (Recipient), Linda Beaumont (Recipient), Victoria Graham (Recipient), Timothy J. Ralph (Recipient), Hsing-Chung Chang (Recipient), Kerrie Tomkins (Recipient), Emilie-Jane Ens (Recipient) & Melanie Bishop (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Honorary award

2016 AFAANZ Research Grant

Rachel Huang (Recipient) & Jing Shi (Recipient), 2016


2015 Winners Best Full Paper 14th National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing.

Alison Rahn (Recipient), Amy Lykins (Recipient), Cary Bennett (Recipient) & Tiffany Jones (Recipient), 6 Dec 2015


2015 Gordon Warwick Medal

Kirstie Fryirs (Recipient), 15 Sep 2015


2014 Student Travel Grant

Lei Si (Recipient), Sep 2014