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2001-2004: Australian Postgraduate Award

Anina Rich (Recipient), 2001

Prize: Other distinction

2017 Member Judging Panel

Rahat Munir (Recipient), Jul 2017

Prize: Honorary award

Fellow, Australian Humanities Academy

Catriona Mackenzie (Recipient), 2014

Prize: Honorary award

Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Peter Karuso (Recipient), 12 Dec 2000

Prize: Honorary award

Member of the Industry Advisory Board

P. Shevchenko (Recipient), 2016

Prize: Other distinction

Clarke Medal

Mark Westoby (Recipient), 2005


Adjunct Professor at UTS 2011-2018

P. Shevchenko (Recipient), 2011

Prize: Honorary award


Platt Prize

Annabelle McIver (Recipient), 1984


Promotion to Lecturer (Level B)

Bianca De Wit (Recipient), 2019

Prize: Other distinction

Extra Mile Award

Kevin Brooks (Recipient), 2015