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Discussing physical activity in the chiropractic consultation: analyses of 1924 practitioners from the ACORN practice-based research network. Best Regional Poster - Pacific. WFC / ECU / EPIC Conference, Berlin, Gernamy, 2019

Matt Fernandez (Recipient), Craig Moore (Recipient), Andreas Eklund (Recipient), Michael Swain (Recipient), Katie De Luca (Recipient), David Sibbritt (Recipient), Jon Adams (Recipient) & Wenbo Peng (Recipient), 23 Mar 2019


RANZCO Distinguished Service Award

Stuart L Graham (Recipient), Nov 2015

Prize: Honorary award

Research Action Awards

Farah Magrabi (Recipient), 16 Sep 2015

Prize: Honorary award

Student-Led Award For Excellence in Teaching

Govand Azeez (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Other distinction

Learning and Teaching Award

Kirsten Davies (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Honorary award

Winston Churchill Fellowship

Kirsten Davies (Recipient), 2003

Prize: Honorary award

2014 Student Travel Grant

Lei Si (Recipient), Sep 2014


Higher Degree Research

Lise Barry (Recipient), 2017


Paxinos-Watson Award

Lars Ittner (Recipient), 2012


SBMS Research Award

Lars Ittner (Recipient), 2004