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Gordon Godfrey award

P. Shevchenko (Recipient), 1999


Distinguished Research Staff Award

Josefine Bertz (Recipient), Dec 2016

Prize: Honorary award

UNSW Co-op Scholarship, UNSW 1996-2000

Anita Ho-Baillie (Recipient), 1 Jan 1996


Carrick Award for Australian University Teaching

Ian Jamie (Recipient), Scott H. Kable (Recipient), Mark A. Buntine (Recipient), Simon C. Barrie (Recipient) & Justin R. Read (Recipient), 2007


RANZCO Distinguished Service Award

Stuart L Graham (Recipient), Nov 2015

Prize: Honorary award

The Cedric Sandford Medal for the best conference paper

Catriona Lavermicocca (Recipient) & Jenny Buchan (Recipient), 30 Apr 2014


ANZAM Best Paper award for Harrison, B., & Jepsen, D. M. (2015).

Denise Jepsen (Recipient) & Bronwen Harrison (Recipient), Dec 2015


Research Action Awards

Farah Magrabi (Recipient), 16 Sep 2015

Prize: Honorary award

Student-Led Award For Excellence in Teaching

Govand Azeez (Recipient), 2017

Prize: Other distinction

The 2017 Tony Roach Prize in Marine Environmental Science

Jeffrey Kelleway (Recipient), 12 Dec 2017


Ian Nish Prize

Tom Baudinette (Recipient), 29 Nov 2017


2016 ICEAA - IEEE APWC Cash Prize ($2,000)

Ali Lalbakhsh (Recipient), 23 Sep 2016


Winston Churchill Fellowship

Kirsten Davies (Recipient), 2003

Prize: Honorary award

Learning and Teaching Award

Kirsten Davies (Recipient), 2018

Prize: Honorary award

Faculty of Science and Engineering Award for Excellence in Research

Michelle Leishman (Recipient), Lesley Hughes (Recipient), Tori Graham (Recipient), Linda Beaumont (Recipient), Melanie Bishop (Recipient), Rachael Gallagher (Recipient), Nola Hancock (Recipient), Kerrie Tomkins (Recipient), Hsing-Chung Chang (Recipient), Emilie-Jane Ens (Recipient), Leigh Staas (Recipient) & Tim Ralph (Recipient), 24 Nov 2017



Greece Fellow

Emlyn Dodd (Recipient), 2019


Macquarie-Gale Scholar

Emlyn Dodd (Recipient), 2015


The Australia Council for the Arts Award

Nigel Helyer (Recipient), 30 Nov 2018


Peter Reizenstein Award, Best Paper Published in the International Journal for Quality in Health Care

Peter Hibbert (Recipient), Matthew J. W. Thomas (Recipient), Anita Deakin (Recipient), William Runciman (Recipient), Jeffrey Braithwaite (Recipient), Stephanie Lomax (Recipient), Jonathan Prescott (Recipient), Glenda Gorrie (Recipient), Amy Szczygielski (Recipient), Tanja Surwald (Recipient) & Catherine Fraser (Recipient), 2019


2017 Winners Best Talk National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing

Alison Rahn (Recipient), Amy Lykins (Recipient), Tiffany Jones (Recipient) & Cary Bennett (Recipient), 7 Nov 2017


McCosh Teaching Award

Veronica Alfano (Recipient), 2011

Prize: Teaching award