Excellence in Research Award: Five Future-shaping Research Priorities – Prosperous Economies

Prize: Honorary award


Innovative trading rules developed by Professor Maroš Servátka and co-authors Professor Cary Deck from the University of Alabama and Professor Steve Tucker the University of Waikato could protect investors from losing trillions of dollars when markets bubble then crash.

In a world-first, their research shows it is possible to eliminate bubbles solely by changing the way trading is conducted.

As well as impacting the trading process, their results also challenge existing thought on how bubbles emerge and how they can be tamed.

Their groundbreaking results were accepted by the holy grail of economists, the American Economic Review: Insights, which described the research as a “crucial discovery”.
Granting OrganisationsMacquarie University, Australia

Awarded at event

Event title2021 Academic Staff Awards
Locationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to10WC4CYCc, Show on map
Period30 Nov 2021 → 30 Nov 2021