Student-Nominated Teaching Award in the Finance, Business and Economics faculty at Macquarie University

Prize: Teaching award


Comments by Professor Leonie Tickle: "Keith Woodward was acknowledged by his students for developing an engaging, innovative learning tool that encourages students to apply their Applied Finance knowledge to the workplace.”

Student feedback:
“Keith was fantastic at relating the content to the real world that was very beneficial to me. I work in financial markets and thought that I had a strong grasp of the industry. Instead, I found myself coming home and telling my partner (who also works in financial markets) about what I had learnt, allowing us to connect many dots.”

“Keith was able to adapt the materials as circumstances dictated, as well as improvising with presentations that were relevant to the direction he wanted to take the unit. Explanations of financial concepts and technology used were clear and well-explained. As both lecturer and tutor Keith made an effort to get to know people's names and short stories as much as possible, making it easier and more rewarding for students to contribute.”
Degree of recognitionMQ Teaching Award