(1) A Post-Liberal Justification for Religious Liberty: Legal and Theoretical Analysis in Light of Challenges to Secularisation (2) Emerging Legal Equality Norms and Parallel Debates in the Anglican Church on Same-Sex Relationships

  • Harrison, Joel (Primary Chief Investigator)

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(1) A post-liberal justification for religious liberty. Aim: complete a book manuscript challenging dominant arguments in the field, raising an alternative that strengthens public commitment to religious liberty. (2) Legal Equality Norms and Parallel Debates in the Anglican Church. Aim: to complete a DECRA application directed towards examining the relationship between religious communities and equality discourse, and how communities may manage moral disagreements. Significance: both projects continue and complete work evaluating the relationship between religious and legal discourse on matters of contemporary political-legal controversy. Expected outcomes: new theoretical insights on religious liberty, equality, and pluralism.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19