2022 National Survey of Australian Book Authors

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The survey on which this project is based is an update of the earlier survey of Australian book authors carried out by the present authors in 2015. The research was funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and the Cultural Fund of the Copyright Agency. We wish to express our appreciation to these two organisations for their financial support of this project.

The survey was carried out with the cooperation of national and local writers’ associations and industry bodies and writers’ centres from different parts of Australia. We are very grateful to all these organisations for their support. Of course our greatest debt is to the more than one thousand Australian book authors who responded to our invitation and completed the survey. Without their input of time and expertise, this work would not have been possible.

This report contains a brief discussion of the main results of the survey, together with the full questionnaire and the responses to all questions. We have also prepared a series of eight industry briefs, i.e. short discussions of some of our principal findings. Both the report and industry briefs are available to download below.
Short titleSurvey of Australian Book Authors
Effective start/end date14/06/2130/11/22