3.53 Earth Composition & Evolution - Macquarie Terranechron® Geochemistry

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Technical support and maintenance at Macquarie University Node. Salaries & On-costs for 1.0 EFT Snr Technical Staff and maintenance of equipment/consumables= $195,000 p.a.
To provide operational support for a world-class suite of analytical infrastructure that provides Australian Earth Scientists with critical geochronological and geochemical data necessary to understand the formation mechanisms and geological evolution of the Australian continent. (Salary + on-costs of
technical personnel, equipment maintenance contract fees and consumables)
Macquarie University will provide access for the AuScope Consortium to the necessary instrumentation to carry out the TerraneChron® methodology. In doing so it will make available 10 per cent of the operational time of the Zeiss EVO MA scanning electron microscope, SX100 electron microprobe, U-Pb Agilent 7700 ICPMS and Nu Plasma multi-collector ICP-MS, linked laser ablation microsampling equipment and associated peripheral equipment. This will open access to external users nationally.
This infrastructure is currently available.
The employment of technical staff is the principal item of infrastructure support. The technical support will contribute to the operation of the Geochemical Analysis Unit and provide direct support to the instrumentation and equipment used in the TerraneChron® methodology. The funding will also be used to purchase minor equipment to maintain and upgrade existing capabilities.
Effective start/end date1/07/1830/06/19