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Identifying, measuring and developing future skills: an interdisciplinary modeling assessing the impact of organizational transformations due to digital technologies and artificial intelligence on employment systems

Saba, T., Ballesteros-Leiva, F., Chicha, M., Delannon, N., Dextras-Gauthier, J., Dufour, M., Nalakantan, J., Ruhlmann, L., Bruyère, S., Ng , E., Ozbilgin, M. F. & Taksa, L.


Project: Research

ERASMUS+: Physical Literacy for Life ERASMUS+

Dudley, D. A., Kirkeby, M., Benedicic Tomat, S., Payne, R., Nenova, L., Holzweg, M., Salin, K., Murphy, C., Repond, R., Onofre, M., Martins, J., Mota, J., Markovic, M., Mileva, B., Schnitzler, C., Benstsen, P., Elsborg, P., Melby, P. S., Grinderslev, N., Green, N., Llop Padilla, A. & Scheur, C.


Project: Research

Development of a framework for maximising population health gains through high intensity incidental physical activity

Stamatakis, E., Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Chau, J. & Maher, C.


Project: Research

Older workers & psychological contracts: A dynamic perspective

Garcia, P., Bordia, P. & Amarnani, R. K.


Project: Research

Combating Fake News on Social Media: From Early Detection to Intervention

Zhang, X., Wang, Y. & Liu, H.


Project: Research

High Resolution PET-CT for Small Animal Molecular and Anatomical Imaging

Meikle, S., Calamante, F., Balleine, B. W., Kassiou, M., Ittner, L., Vittorio, O., Gregoire, M., Goldys, E., Kuncic, Z., Codd, R. & Rozenfeld, A.


Project: Research

Harmonic analysis, complex analysis and differential operators

Duong, X., Li, J., Ward, L., Lacey, M., Pipher, J. & Wick, B.


Project: Research

Supporting the aims of the Aged Services Industry

Taksa, L., Dados, N. & Cousins, L.


Project: Research

CubeSat Biological Payload

Cetin, E. & Chrystal, K.


Project: Research

Strengthening Care for Children: A stepped-wedge translational trial to reduce hospital burden

Hiscock, H., Lingam, R., Sanci, L., Woolfenden, S., Zurynski, Y., Dalziel, K. M., Liaw, S. T., Lee, K. J., Boyle, D. & Freed, G.


Project: Research

M&A and tax framework

Akhtar, F.

29/11/19 → …

Project: Research

Foundational data science for US Medicaid research

Dras, M., McIver, A., Marashi, A., Girosi, F. & Price, D.


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