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Frontiers in integrated laser-sampled trace-element and isotopic geoanalysis

Griffin, B., O'Reilly, S., Pearson, N., Turner, S., Schaefer, B., Belousova, E., Daczko, N., Rushmer, T., Baker, J., Clarke, G. L., Honda, M. & Carr, P.


Project: Research

Frank Moorhouse: A Literary Biography

Lumby, C.


Project: Research

Eliciting and Refining Causal Knowledge

Nayak, A.


Project: Research

Bio-semi EEG system

McAlpine, D., McMahon, C., Johnson, B., Sharma, M., Boisvert, I., Chung, R. & Martins, R.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

The Nanten2 sub-millimetre telescope

Wardle, M.


Project: Research

Gas chromatograph - mass spectroscope for environmental research

Strezov, V., Nelson, P., Taylor, M., Jiang, Y., Davies, P., Evans, T., Opatokun, S., Ali, A., Follett, R. M., Morrison, T., Meng, C., Wu, Y., Wilson, R., Isley, C., Tippler, C., Kristensen, L., Wu, L., Rouillon, M. & Dong, C.


Project: Research

Calibrating astronomical spectrographs to discover Earth-like planets

Schwab, C., Coutts, D. W., Bean, J., Quirrenbach, A. & MQRES (International), M. (.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Space to grow: The Faules telescope and improving science engagement in schools

Parker, Q., Hedberg, J., Danaia, L., DeCourcy, J. & McKinnon, D.


Project: Research

Mg-isotope composition of altered oceanic crust

Huang, J., Dadd, K., Pearson, N., Greau, Y., Griffin, W. & O'Reilly, S.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

Harmonic analysis and spectral analysis of differential operators

Duong, X., Cowling, M., McIntosh, A., Sikora, A., Newton, J., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & PhD Contribution (ARC) 2, P. C. (. 2.


Project: Research

Pricing for commodity futures

Kordzakhia, N.


Project: Research

Understanding disorders of social cognition

Langdon, R.


Project: Research

Deathscapes: Mapping Race and Violence in Settler States

Pugliese, J., Perera, S., Razack, S., Inda, J. & Franklin, M.

24/05/16 → …

Project: Research

Religious individualisation in a Historial Perspective

Ram, K., Mulsow, M. & Rüpke, J.


Project: Research

Numerical simulation models of geological processes using ELLE

Gardner, R.


Project: Other

Capital Markets CRC Scholarship (Anil Gautam)

Lepone, G., Gautam, A. & Lepone, A.


Project: Research

NCRIS: FAIMS 3.0 Electronic Field Notebooks: A platform for field research supporting digital data capture and management in diverse situations

Ross, S., Betbeder-Matibet, L., Karskens, G., Crook, P., Stern, N., Salmon, M., Wyborn, L., Sobotkova, A., Klump, J., Fraser, R., Theil, S., Robertson, K., Lehner, J., Heinson, G. S., Parkes, R., Flad, R., VanValkenburgh, P., Thompson, J., Kansa, E., Nicholson, C., Aben, G., Ballsun-Stanton, B. & Cassidy, S.

Project: Research

Harmonic analysis: function spaces and partial differential equations

Duong, X., Hofmann, S., Ouhabaz, E. M. & Wick, B.


Project: Other