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Determining the contribution of peripheral immune complement signalling in the progression of motor neuron disease

Chung, R., Woodruff, T., Ruitenberg, M., McCombe, P. A. & Barnumn, S.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

Massive black hole in the hearts of galaxies

Wardle, M. & Gaensler, B.


Project: Research

Identification and Characterisation of Novel Biomarkers for Colrectal Cancer

Sethi, M. & Fanayan, S.


Project: Research

NTCRU Travel & Education Award - Lee

Fanayan, S. & Lee, L.


Project: Research

Community Engagement for Reproducable Workflow Platforms

Cassidy, S., Abramson, D., Ceguerra, A., Manos, S., Cook, R. & Chen, G.


Project: Research

Defining the clinical role of topiramate in the treatment of alcohol dependence in Australia

Baillie, A., Haber, P., Morley, K., Teesson, M., Kranzler, H., Shanahan, M., Trent, R., Luquin, N., Phung, N., Lintzeris, N., Hallinan, R. & Pearson, S. A.

1/10/16 → …

Project: Research

NTCRU Travel & Education Award - Dass

Fanayan, S. & Everest Dass, A.


Project: Research

NTCRU Travel & Education Award - Sethi

Fanayan, S. & Sethi, M.


Project: Research

Constructing Objective Biological Criteria of Health

Bourrat, P., Griffiths, P., Rainey, P., Nesse, R. & Gray, R. D.


Project: Research

NSW Cancer Research Peptide Synthesis Facility

Baker, M. S., Reddell, R., Robinson, P., Payne, R. J., Baxter, R. C., McCluskey, A., Pickett, H. A. & Bryan, T.


Project: Research

CAD: Blockchain-enabled application for cognitive assessment in dementia

Brock, J., Godbolt, P., Savage, G. & Holcombe, A.


Project: Research

Volumetric imaging facility: observing the cell in its native environment

Jin, D., Gibson, B. C., van Oijen, A., Hugenholtz, P., Jackson, S. P., Hutchinson, M. R., Baker, M., Harry, E., Huang, X., Asadniaye Fard Jahromi, M., Warkiani, M. E., Garcia-Bennett, A., Gu, M., Ju, L. & Whan, R. M.


Project: Research

COMPARE - Constraint Induced or Multimodal aphasia rehabilitation: An RCT of therapy for stroke related chronic aphasia

Nickels, L., Rose, M., Copland, D., Togher, L., Meinzer, M., Ong, B. & Godecke, E.


Project: Research

Causal Foundations of Biological Information

Stotz, K., Griffiths, P., MQRES, M. & MQRES 2, M. 2.

3/02/14 → …

Project: Research

Flexible Working and the Gender Gap in the Australian Accounting Profession

Leung, P., McGrath-Champ, S. & Kidd, M.


Project: Research

A Pharmacological Targeting Approach Implementing Albumin as a Carrier of a Novel Chemotherapeutic

Lovejoy, D., Kalinowski, D., Rahmanto, Y. & Ponka, P.


Project: Research

Higher sensitivity and deeper proteome analysis for cancer research using the newest generation Orbitrap mass spectrometer

Molloy, M., Clarke, S., Henderson, B., Kohonen - Corish, M., Kellie, C., Van Zandwijk, N., Baxter, R., Reid, G., McKay, M. & Chapuis, P.


Project: Research

Embedding and building teamwork capabilities in business

Wood, L., Breyer, Y., Scoufis, M. & Dalton, H.


Project: Research

Direct write - microphotonics fabrication facility

Withford, M., Piper, J., Fuerbach, A., Marshall, G., Dawes, J., Eggleton, B., de Sterke, C., Jackson, S. & Lancaster, D.


Project: Research

Shared resource for protein discovery

Mabbutt, B., Stock, D. & Matthews, J.


Project: Research

Characterization of the tammar wallaby MHC

Belov, K. & Eldridge, M.


Project: Research

Music, Mobile Phones and Community Justice in Melanesia

Crowdy, D., Horst, H., MacLeod, J., Dick, T., Bridie, D., Webb-Gannon, C., Webb, M. & Stern, M.


Project: Research

Religion and Political Thought (RAPT)

Maddox, M., Boer, R., Hartney, C., Boucher, G., Sharpe, M., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.


Project: Research

Support for purchase of BD Fortessa Flow cytometer

Rizos, H. & Kefford, R.


Project: Research

Intelligent Virtual Worlds for Inquiry Learning

Richards, D., Jacobson, M., Taylor, C., Sutherland, L., Kapur, M. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Strengthening Effectiveness of the Evaluation of Public Private Partnerships

Guthrie, J., English, L., Laughlin, R. & Broadbent, J.


Project: Research

eADVICE - Advice while you wait: Empowering families, improving health, reducing waiting times

Caldwell, P. H. Y., Richards, D., Seton, C., Waters, K. A., Deshpande, A. V., Scott, K. M., Teixeira-Pinto, A., Howell, M., Griffin, L., Craig, J. C. & Howard, K.


Project: Other

Safe water must be free for every Australian child.

Gwynne, K., Skinner, J., Dimitropoulos, Y. & Rambaldini, B.


Project: Research

Critical illness in children: Can we afford to neglect the psychosocial risks? The impact, acceptability, and costeffectiveness of routine psychosocial assessment and stepped care for families of infants with heart disease

Kasparian, N., Schofield, D., Austin, M., Winlaw, D. S., Girgis, A., Sholler, G. F., Rose, D., Blake, J., Descallar, J., Leclair, K., Walker, K., Reilly, N. & Bryant, R.


Project: Other

AusKidTalk: An Australian Children's Speech Corpus

Ahmed, B., Ballard, K. J., Burnham, D. K., Epps, J. R., Cox, F., Sethu, V., Demuth, K., Arciuli, J., Kelly, B., Diskin, C., Benders, T., Beng Lee, C., Ambikairajah, E. & Baker, E.


Project: Research

The role of LIM Kinase 1 in neurons

Ke, Y. D., Eersel, J. V., Fath, T. & Gunning, P.


Project: Research