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Sharon Oviatt ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship Preparation

Dale, R. & Oviatt, S.


Project: Research

Categorical structures in string theory

Street, R.


Project: Research

Beyond the city walls: the landscapes of Aquileia

Hillard, T. & Traviglia, A.


Project: Research

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Nevalainen, H., Gaus, K., Khachigian, L., Jessup, W., Hogg, P., Gunning, P., Kavallaries, M., Willcox, M., Gooding, J., Thordarson, P., King, N., Allen, D., Vadas, M., Ammit, A., Grewal, T., Jolliffe, K., Goodchild, A. & Whitchurch, C.


Project: Research

High performance processing cluster and associated equipment

Hosmann, R., Frino, A., Ford, G., Petty, R., Croucher, J., Lepone, A., Areni, C., Groeger, L., Moroko, L., Mollica, V., Li, G. & Wong, J.


Project: Research

The impact of the A-WAPTAS on duration of hospital stay

Shores, A.


Project: Research

Transnational care: migration, demography and care work

Fine, M., Wise, A., Bottomley, G., Guo, F. & Tannous, K.


Project: Research

Macquarie University Tumour Bank

Molloy, M. & Boyages, J.


Project: Research

Curricular approaches to increasing cultural competence and Indigenous participation in Psychology education and training

Homewood, J., Dudgeon, P., Herbert, J., Harris, J., Darlaston-Jones, D. & Hammond, S.


Project: Research

SINTELLA: Simulation of Intelligence Analysis

Wastell, C.


Project: Research

Varieties of English in the Indo-Pacific Region

Peters, P., Kruger, H., Burridge, K., Lo Bianco, J., Siegel, J., Kortmann, B., Mukherjee, J., Schneider, E., Meyerhoff, M., Hundt, M., Cheshire, J. & Van Rooy, B.


Project: Research

Analysis of Stream Ciphers

Pieprzyk, J.


Project: Research

Modelling of native vegetation patterns in the NSW North West Slopes

Peacock, R.


Project: Research