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Bataille, the Image and the General Economy

Lechte, J.


Project: Research

China and the Roman East

Mikkelsen, G. & Lieu, S.


Project: Research

The impact if ocean acidification on the fertilization, larval development and recruitment of key Australian marine organisations

Williamson, J., Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Havenhand, J., Ward, S., Diaz-Pulido, G., Kline, D. & Hernaman, V.


Project: Research

First Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health

Hall, D.


Project: Research

Eliciting and Refining Causal Knowledge

Nayak, A.


Project: Research

Ecological consequences of hydrodynamic disturbances

Madin, J.


Project: Research

Space to grow: The Faules telescope and improving science engagement in schools

Parker, Q., Hedberg, J., Danaia, L., DeCourcy, J. & McKinnon, D.


Project: Research

Australian management practices extension study

Gollan, P., Sarina, T. & Brooks, G.


Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics

Ranganathan, S., Ragan, M., Bailey, T., Burrage, K., Chen, P., Fellows, M., Hegland, M., McLachlan, G., Marsh, B., Mattick, J., Moscato, P., Teasdale, R., Zhou, X. F. & Kingston, M.


Project: Research

Biomedical imaging with spins in nanoparticles: from single cell to whole-body scanning

Reilly, D. & Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

Optical Profiler with D-MEMS Capability

Kane, D., Withford, M., Dawes, J., Carman, R., Herberstein, M., Tan, H., Fu, L., Faraone, L., Antoszewski, J., Keating, A. & Chinchen, G.


Project: Research

GNOSIS-J: completing the revolutionary OH suppression spectrograph

Ireland, M., Hawthorn, J., Croom, S., Leon-Saval, S., O'Bryne, J., Colless, M., Ellis, S. & Lawrence, J.


Project: Research

Randomised Controlled Trials of Treatment for Specific Language Impairment

Smith-Lock, K.


Project: Research

Developing new treatments for brain arteriovenous malformations: Identification of endothelial protein targets

Stoodley, M., Tu, J., Katsifis, A., Smee, R. & Morgan, M.


Project: Research

Functional proteomics of expressed orphan proteins in rice

Haynes, P.


Project: Research