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ARIES - Backyard Habitat Review

Metcalf, L.


Project: Research

The NANTEN2 sub-millimetre-wave telescope

Wardle, M., Burton, M., Rowell, G., Walsh, A., Maddison, S., Green, A. & Fukui, Y.


Project: Research

Publically Available Datasetds: online photogrammetry web portal

Roche, K., Turner, I. & Miller, B.

28/02/17 → …

Project: Research

Hector-1: Completing a revolutionary machine to unravel how galaxies evolve

McDermid, R., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Croom, S., Bryant, J. J., Spitler, L., Kewley, L. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

No-brainer: Cognitive-like behaviors in a unicellular slime mold

Reid, C., Garnier, S. & Weber, G.

1/07/16 → …

Project: Research

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Partnership Program

Bodkin-Andrews, G. & Harwood, V.


Project: Research

Combating Fake News on Social Media: From Early Detection to Intervention

Zhang, X., Wang, Y. & Liu, H.


Project: Research

Identifying, measuring and developing future skills: an interdisciplinary modeling assessing the impact of organizational transformations due to digital technologies and artificial intelligence on employment systems

Saba, T., Ballesteros-Leiva, F., Chicha, M., Delannon, N., Dextras-Gauthier, J., Dufour, M., Nalakantan, J., Ruhlmann, L., Bruyère, S., Ng , E., Ozbilgin, M. F. & Taksa, L.


Project: Research

Australasian Society for Human Behaviour and Evolution Meeting

Jonason, P. K. & Stephen, I.


Project: Other

Brain-Inspired AI Memory Systems

Crossley, M. & Yeh, E.


Project: Research

Consumers' green attitudes in the marketplace

Sharifi, S.


Project: Research

DP200100726 - Assessing the national productivity impacts of chronic ill health

Schofield, D., Veerman, J. L., Shrestha, R., Kelly, S. & Tanton, R.


Project: Research

Flexible architecture High Performance Computing facility for the Intersect consortium of NSW

O'Neill, C. J., Radom, L., Wilkins, M., Poulton, C., Henskens, F., Marchant, T. & Leedham, G.


Project: Research

Enriching mathematics and science learning: an interdisciplinary approach

Mulligan, J., Tytler, R., Xu, L., White, P., Schauble, L., Lehrer, R. & Prain, V.


Project: Research

Challenging the Bystander Effect via Documentary Film

Millard, K. & Levine, M.


Project: Research

ARC Linkage: Beyond Speech: Towards better communication for children with hearing loss

Demuth, K., Sharma, M., Leigh, G., Kaltenbrunn, I., Davis, A., King, A., Brinson, M. & Lo, C.


Project: Other

SWAN: Enhanced 3-D seismic structure for Southwest Australia

Miller, M., Kennett, B., Allen, T., Gray, S., Gessner, K. & Yuan, H.


Project: Other

Bringing all-polymer solar cells closer to commercialization

Kopidakis, N., McNeill, C., Andersson, M. & Pillai, S.


Project: Other

"Child Care in Australia" - Longitudinal survey of Australian Children Wave 1 Thematic Publication

Waniganayake, M., Harrison, L., Ungerer, J., Zubrick, S., Wise, S. K., Vimpani, G. & Press, F.


Project: Research

How will Eucalypt tree architecture and growth adapt to future atmospheric CO2 and drought?

Medlyn, B. & Ellsworth, D.


Project: Research

Preconception carrier screening: providing genetically at risk families with a chance to have healthy children

Schofield, D., Laing, N. G., Delatycki, M. B., Dinger, M., Roscioli, T., Kirk, E., Field, M., Bruno, D. L., Archibald, A. D., Petrie, D., Pertile, M., Berkovits, T., Buckley, M., Shrestha, R., Kelly, S. & Worsley, H.


Project: Research

Just a face in the crowd

Selvadurai, N. & Hornle, J.


Project: Research