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Engaging youth in inspiring the next generation for nature

Goldstein, W. & Lennox, S.


Project: Research

Approved Advanced high throughput functional genomics and gene mapping

Bergquist, P. L. & Dawes, I.


Project: Research

Developing an Excel spread sheet tool for local governments to compare and prioritise investment in climate adaptation

Trueck, S., Mathew, S., Henderson-Sellers, A., Taplin, R. & Pilkington, L.


Project: Research

NOSE Bag (Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Bag)

Cartmill, J. & Gilmore, A.


Project: Research

ePortfolios pedagogy and governance: minimizing risk

Ambler, T.


Project: Teaching

Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Napier, J.


Project: Research

Web-based access to the Australian Sign Language (Auslan) corpus at MQ

Johnston, T., Cassidy, S. & Napier, J.


Project: Research

The Past in the Present: Australian Lesbian and Gay Life Stories

Reynolds, R., Robinson, S., Jennings, R., Moore, C., Willett, G. & Bradley, K.


Project: Research

Microbial Culturing Platform

Messerle, B., Paulsen, I. & Curach, N.

1/09/17 → …

Project: Research

Advanced technology for transcriptomics, genomics and gene mapping

Scott, R., Bergquist, P. L. & Baker, M. S.


Project: Research

Entomopathogens in Eusocial Evolution

Beattie, A.


Project: Research

Sign language in action

Napier, J.


Project: Research

Clinical trial of a suprachoroidal visual prosthesis for the profoundly vision impaired

Fung, A., Suaning, G., Lovell, N., Grigg, J., daCruz, A. M., Morley, J. W., James, N., Tumuluri, K., Ayton, L. & McCluskey, P.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Correlating Genomics and Proteomics for Systems Biology: integrating the '-omics'

Bergquist, P. L., Baker, M. S., Ferrari, B., Dawes, I., Graham, R., Stock, D., Trent, R., Hunt, N., Reichardt, J. & Scott, R.


Project: Research

Copenhagen Scholarship - Anne Lyngholm Sorensen

Heller, G. & Sørensen, A. L.


Project: Other

Biomolecular Frontiers Research Centre (BMFRC)

Packer, N., Paulsen, I., Baker, M., Bergquist, P. L., Nevalainen, H., Haynes, P., Molloy, M., Hancock, W., Ranganathan, S., Wood, G., Mabbutt, B., Willows, R., Atwell, B., Brown, L., Rabeau, J., Liu, F., Roberts, T., Sunna, A., Kolarich, D., Nakano, M., Jensen, P., Godlewski, M., Kautto, L., Grinyer, J., McQuade, L., McKay, M., Gibbs, M., Te'o, J., Learmonth, G., Tetu, S., Hassan, K., Elbourne, L., Fanayan, S., Gillings, M. & Stokes, H.


Project: Research

Lattices as a Constructive and Destructive Cryptographic Tool

Doche, C., Shparlinski, I., Steinfeld, R., Stehle, D., MQRES, M., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & Newton, J.


Project: Research

Geoarchaeology: an Australian Perspective

Fanning, P.


Project: Research

ASISTM Meteorology in Schools

Mitchelmore, M.


Project: Research

Enhancing the Academic Interface with Law Reform - 'Minors' Consent to Treatment'

Tomossy, G., Stewart, C. & Croucher, R.


Project: Research


Brown, M.

Project: Research