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Human Y Chromosome Proteome Project

Salekdeh, H.


Project: Research

Synthetic Lipidomics with Yeast 2.0 and SCRaMbLE

Paulsen, I., Goold, H. & Collier, T.


Project: Research

Cardiovascular regulation in depression

Goodchild, A.


Project: Research

The Human, Human Rights and the Image

Lechte, J.


Project: Research

3D Beam Manipulation System (3D-BMS)

Gross, S., Withford, M., Fuerbach, A., Helt, L., Jiang, X., Chaboyer, Z., Antipov, S., Jarratt, M. C., Douglass, G., Entwisle, B. & Wieschendorf, C.


Project: Research

Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Poulsen, M.


Project: Research

Integrated, high-throughput gait measurement

Ratinac, K.


Project: Research

Services Agreement for MEG Services

Sowman, P., Ballard, K. & Stylianou, E.


Project: Research

Language variation and change over time in rural Australian English

Korhonen, M.


Project: Research

Delivering safe and effective care for children in hospital with ehealth systems

Westbrook, J., Georgiou, A., Day, R., O'Brien, T., Karnon, J., Dalla-Pozza, L., Cowell, P., Li, L., Baysari, M., Ambler, G., PhD Contribution (NHMRC), P. C. (. & PhD Contribution 2 (NHMRC), P. C. 2. (.

1/04/15 → …

Project: Research

Videogames for Vision Science

Ryan, M. & Boon, M.

1/01/18 → …

Project: Research

Next generation vegetation model based on functional traits

Wright, I., Prentice, C. & MQRES 3 (International), M. 3.


Project: Research

Comic medievalism and the modern world

D'Arcens, L.


Project: Research

GNOSIS: a new window into the distant universe enabled by photonic technology

Lawrence, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Colless, M., Freeman, K., Glazebrook, K., Schmidt, B., Tinney, C., O'Bryne, J., Ellis, S. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

The first multicore fibre gratings to suppress the night sky background

McDermid, R., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Spitler, L., Lawrence, J., Kewley, L., Sharp, R., Leon-Saval, S. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

Engagement of Indigenous People in Science

Jamie, J. & Walker, B.


Project: Research

The Indigenous Science Experience @ Redfern

Jamie, J.


Project: Research

The Australian Book Industry: Authors, publishers and readers in a time of change

Throsby, D. & MQRES 3 (International), M. 3.


Project: Research