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The future of the regional health workforce. [University of Sydney R&D Program, ($43,269)]

Schofield, D. & Fuller, J. D.


Project: Research

Novel MND mouse models

Ittner, L. M., Fath, T. & Ke, Y. D.


Project: Research

Perturbations in complex systems and games systems

Gaitsgory, V., Filar, J., Ejov, V. & Roddick, J.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

The phonological structure of Kaytetye: Unique or universal?

Proctor, M., Harvey, M. & Turpin, M.

2/04/15 → …

Project: Research

Robo-Laser: A Novel System for Remediation of Marine Corrosion in Confined Spaces Within Naval Platforms Using Laser Carrying Spider Robots

Taheri, S., Moghtaderi , B., Melchers, R., Wills, A., Zanganeh, J., Ferguson, J., Masri, A. & Dunn, M.


Project: Other

The Hong Kong Archive of Language Learning (Funded by Hong Kong University Grants Committee)

Lee, K., Chik, A., Gao, A. & Trent, J.


Project: Research

Improving outcomes through accessible assessment and inclusive practices

Graham, L., Willis, J., Sweller, N., White, S., Gibson, A., DeLuca, C. & Dixon, G.


Project: Research

Sierra Leone and Australia: A case of the vanishing twin

Delofski, M., Christopher, E. & Lovejoy, P.


Project: Research

BioMark HD High-throughput Real Time & Digital PCR System for the Open Access, Multi- Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility

Vemulpad, S., Richardson, D. R., Scolyer, R., Lee, C. S., Halliday, G., Murray, M., Lay, P., Christie, M., Damian, D. L., Hersey, P. & Kench, J. G.


Project: Research

Facility for structural analysis of bio-molecular complexes and self assembly

Trewhella, J., Mabbutt, B. & Stokes, H.


Project: Research

Music, Mobile Phones and Community Justice in Melanesia

Crowdy, D., Horst, H., MacLeod, J., Dick, T., Bridie, D., Webb-Gannon, C., Webb, M. & Stern, M.


Project: Research

A new field plate for the 6DF multi-object spectroscopy system on the Anglo-Australian Observatory's Schmidt telescope

Parker, Q., Freeman, K., Lewis, G., Steinmetz, M., Gibson, B. & Bland-Hawthorn, J.


Project: Research

Support for purchase of BD Fortessa Flow cytometer

Rizos, H. & Kefford, R.


Project: Research

Central analgesic actions of serotonin drugs

Connor, M. & Vaughan, C.


Project: Research

Australian Dark Matter Detector for High Mass Axions

Volz, T., Tobar, M., Goryachev, M., Ivanov, E., Fedorov, A., Bowen, W., Drinkwater, M., Brennen, G., Twamley, J., Altin, P., Doherty, A. & Rbyka, G.

Project: Research

Religion and Political Thought (RAPT)

Maddox, M., Boer, R., Hartney, C., Boucher, G., Sharpe, M., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.


Project: Research

The Scamseek Project - Text Mining for Financial Scams on the Internet

Herke, M., Patrick, J. & Matthiessen, C.


Project: Research

Morphology of Embayed Beach Systems

Fellowes, T., Gallop, S. & Vila-Concejo, A.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

eADVICE - Advice while you wait: Empowering families, improving health, reducing waiting times

Caldwell, P. H. Y., Richards, D., Seton, C., Waters, K. A., Deshpande, A. V., Scott, K. M., Teixeira-Pinto, A., Howell, M., Griffin, L., Craig, J. C. & Howard, K.


Project: Other

ARC DP: The experience of precarious housing among international students

Morris, A., Ramia, G. & Wilson, S.


Project: Research

Symptom monitoring WIth Feedback Trial (SWIFT) pilot: A feasibility and acceptability study of ANZDATA E-PROMs data capture and feedback

Morton, R. L., McDonald, S. P., Jose, M., Brown, C., Laranjo, L., Bennett, P. & Handke, W.


Project: Research

ACU Blue Charter Fellowship

Wilson, S.


Project: Research

Artists survey 2009

Throsby, D.


Project: Research

Modelling Climate Impacted Risks with Generalised Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape

Trueck, S., Pitt, D., McAneney, J., Coleman, T. & Van Den Honert, R.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Edward Curran)

Mollica, V. & Curran, E.

1/07/16 → …

Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Yilian Guo)

Cummings, J. & Guo, Y.

10/03/16 → …

Project: Research

The viability of North Ryde community bank

Wright, S.


Project: Research