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Biophysical characterization of proteins and peptides

Morshed, N. & Rodger, A.


Project: Research

Centre for Language in Social Life - Integrated Linguistic database

Butt, D., Moore, A., Henderson-Brooks, C., Lukin, A., Wu, C., Matthiessen, C. & Moore, S.


Project: Research

Radio studio Panel Replacement

Mitchell, D.


Project: Research

Development of a Radiocarbon-Based Chronology for Tel Azekah, Israel

Tristant, Y., Webster, L., Hua, Q. & Jacobson, G.


Project: Research

Field and Studio Sound Equipment Systems

Ellis, G., Millard, K., Knowles, J., Murray, T., Marynowsky, W., Pearlman, K., Barkat, I., Morgan, A., Ogilvie, J., Phelps, B., Bidault, M., Moore, D. R., Cooper, C., Burgess, N., Furduj, B., Mees, C. & O'Grady, P.


Project: Research

UHD Camera kits for teaching Screen Production

Mitchell, D.


Project: Teaching

GNOSIS: a new window into the distant universe enabled by photonic technology

Lawrence, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Colless, M., Freeman, K., Glazebrook, K., Schmidt, B., Tinney, C., O'Bryne, J., Ellis, S. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

Mechanisms underlying the repellent effects of predator odours in rodents

Connor, M., McGregor, I., Crowther, M. & Banister, S.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

NTCRU Travel & Education Award - Dass

Fanayan, S. & Everest Dass, A.


Project: Research

Plasma Focused Ion Beam for Nanoscale Characterisation of Materials

Loehr, S., Tilley, R., Munroe, P., Zhang, L., Cairney, J., Zheng, R., Saunders, M., Li, S., Hao, X., Liao, X., Pereloma, E., Tieu, K., Ma, Q., Bradby, J., Bing, S. & Piazolo, S.


Project: Research

EPIC-ID: The economic and social impacts of genetic sequencing for intellectual disability

Schofield, D., Roscioli, T., Mattick, J. S., Dinger, M., Kasparian, N., Barlow-Stewart, K., Cowley, M. J., Field, M., Buckley, M., Shrestha, R., Kirk, E., Petrie, D. & Sachdev, R.


Project: Research

Retain key and technical staff from the MAMS project

Thelander, N. & Liong, B.


Project: Research

Determining mechanisms and rates of estuarine beach recovery

Gallop, S., Vila-Concejo, A., Goodwin, I. & Fellowes, T.

1/07/17 → …

Project: Research

The Encyclopedia of Film Music and Sound

Evans, M., Coyle, R., Weirzbicki, J. & Neumeyer, D.


Project: Research

Identification and Characterisation of Novel Biomarkers for Colrectal Cancer

Sethi, M. & Fanayan, S.


Project: Research

A brighter future: the pure-quartic soliton laser

Redondo, A., de Sterke, C., Hudson, D. & Schmidt, M.


Project: Research

A research platform for exploring the genotype: phenotype nexus

Paulsen, I., Charles, I., Wilkinson, M. & Waterhouse, P.


Project: Research

The SAMI facility: a revolutionary multi-object hexabundle spectrograph

Parker, Q., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Croom, S., Jones, H., Lawrence, J., Colless, M., Glazebrook, K., Bryant, J. J., Leon-Saval, S. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

NHMRC: FIELD NOvel Markers in Diabetes (NOMAD)

Molloy, M., Jenkins, A., Hardikar, A. A., Keech, A., Sullivan, D. R., Galande, S. & Ma, R.


Project: Research

Productivity of the Radiology Workforce. [Funded by NSW Treasury; Total Awarded: $8000]

Schofield, D. & Adams, E. J.


Project: Research

The future of the regional health workforce. [University of Sydney R&D Program, ($43,269)]

Schofield, D. & Fuller, J. D.


Project: Research

Novel MND mouse models

Ittner, L. M., Fath, T. & Ke, Y. D.


Project: Research

Perturbations in complex systems and games systems

Gaitsgory, V., Filar, J., Ejov, V. & Roddick, J.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

The phonological structure of Kaytetye: Unique or universal?

Proctor, M., Harvey, M. & Turpin, M.

2/04/15 → …

Project: Research

Robo-Laser: A Novel System for Remediation of Marine Corrosion in Confined Spaces Within Naval Platforms Using Laser Carrying Spider Robots

Taheri, S., Moghtaderi , B., Melchers, R., Wills, A., Zanganeh, J., Ferguson, J., Masri, A. & Dunn, M.


Project: Other

The Hong Kong Archive of Language Learning (Funded by Hong Kong University Grants Committee)

Lee, K., Chik, A., Gao, A. & Trent, J.


Project: Research

Improving outcomes through accessible assessment and inclusive practices

Graham, L., Willis, J., Sweller, N., White, S., Gibson, A., DeLuca, C. & Dixon, G.


Project: Research

Sierra Leone and Australia: A case of the vanishing twin

Delofski, M., Christopher, E. & Lovejoy, P.


Project: Research

BioMark HD High-throughput Real Time & Digital PCR System for the Open Access, Multi- Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility

Vemulpad, S., Richardson, D. R., Scolyer, R., Lee, C. S., Halliday, G., Murray, M., Lay, P., Christie, M., Damian, D. L., Hersey, P. & Kench, J. G.


Project: Research

Facility for structural analysis of bio-molecular complexes and self assembly

Trewhella, J., Mabbutt, B. & Stokes, H.


Project: Research