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Plant serpins in metabolic regulation

Roberts, T. & Baker, M. S.


Project: Research

Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC)

Carter, M., Stephenson, J., Wheldall, K., Madelaine, A., Wheldall, R., Kemp, C., Hopper, T. & White, J.


Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence Application Preparation: Twamley/Rabeau

Twamley, J. & Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

Vulnerability, Autonomy and Justice

Mackenzie, C., Rogers, W. & Dodds, S.


Project: Research

Renewing Intersect's share of the National Computational Infrastructure's peak facility

Cheung, K., Hawkes, E., Wilkins, M., Yu, A. & Ferry, M.


Project: Research

Language mediated eye movements

Brock, J.


Project: Research

Photonic Quantum Technologies

Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

State of the art surface characterisation facility for the Sydney Basin

Thurgate, S., Gooding, J., Crossley, M. & Downes, J.


Project: Research

Aboriginal Voices: Insights for Aboriginal Education

Lowe, K. & Harrison, N.


Project: Research

eADVICE - Advice while you wait: Empowering families, improving health, reducing waiting times

Caldwell, P. H. Y., Richards, D., Seton, C., Waters, K. A., Deshpande, A. V., Scott, K. M., Teixeira-Pinto, A., Howell, M., Griffin, L., Craig, J. C. & Howard, K.


Project: Other

Cue Utilisation in Power Generation

Wiggins, M.


Project: Research

Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Ferris, S.


Project: Research

The Australian European Southern Observatory Positioner (AESOP)

Zucker, D., Driver, S., Robotham, A., Power, C., Meyer, M., Hopkins, A., Sheinis, A., Lidman, C., Brough, S., Colless, M., Asplund, M., Schmidt, B., Drinkwater, M., Parkinson, D., Glazebrook, K., Blake, C., Croton, D., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Sadler, E., Croom, S., McDermid, R., Spitler, L., Brown, M., Webster, R., Jackson, C., DAVIS, T. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

Start-up funds for Future Fellowship FT0991243 (Rabeau)

Rabeau, J.


Project: Research