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A dynamic model linking organisational systems to clinical performance in Australian hospitals

Greenfield, D., Townsend, K. & Wilkinson, A.


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Improving the time series of estimates of dugong abundance and distribution by incorporating revised availability bias corrections

Grech, A., Marsh, H., Sobtzick, S., Hagihara, R., Jones, R. & Pollock, K.


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Linnean Society of NSW Emergency Grant from Joyce W Vickery Fund

Ferry, A.


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Evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and efficacy of an intervention to support primary schools in NSW who are part of the SunSmart Program

Dudley, D. A., Winslade, M., Cotton, W., Drinkwater, E., Tribolet, K. & Wright, B.


Project: Research

Accurate and early yield predictions through advanced statistical modelling

Van Sluyter, S., Dunn, G., Beaumont, L. & Small, G.

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Project: Research

CEDAW: Eliminating Violence against Women in Hong Kong?

Barrow, A. & Scully-Hill, A.


Project: Research

Sexual antagonism and the consequences of sex-specific selection

Kemp, D., Wedell, N. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Understanding climate change impacts on oysters

Raftos, D. & Goncalves, P.


Project: Research

Microbial Oceanography of Southern Australia

Ostrowski, M., Paulsen, I., Brown, M. & Seymour, J.


Project: Research

MSL Health Condition Peer Support Initiative

Jepsen, D. & Challis, C.


Project: Research

NOSE Bag (Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Bag)

Cartmill, J. & Gilmore, A.


Project: Research

Dispersal, diversity and survival: lessons from the fossil record

Lloyd, G. & Lloyd, G.


Project: Research

Determining viable thresholds for SME reporting in Australia

Handley, K., Evans, E. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Measuring coral health, integrating cells to satellites

Grech, A., Leggat, B., Ainsworth, T., Gordon, B., Rosenthal, N., Roessner, U. & Heron, S.


Project: Research

Changing your mind by changing your brain: an interventionist perspective on cognitive neuroscience

Klein, C., MQRES, M. & MQRES (International), M. (.


Project: Research

Estimation of life expectancy of Australian men 45 years of age and older by age and health status (co-morbidity)

Tickle, L., Joshy, G., Lowe, A., Armstrong, B., Clements, M. & Banks, E.


Project: Research

Anaysts' forecasts and the determination of reported profit

Wright, S.


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