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ENGL875 Literature and Writing in Critical and Creative Contexts

Flanagan, V.


Project: Research

Radio studio Panel Replacement

Mitchell, D.


Project: Research

Enabling employability: career information literacy in capstone units of FOSE

Lin-Stephens, S.


Project: Teaching

Taste and community: the cultural origins of personal experience

Sinnerbrink, R., McMahon, J., Guyer, P., von Sturmer, D., Matthen, M., Freeland, C., Healy, C. & Cordeiro, S.


Project: Research

A single molecule science laboratory

Goldys, E., Gaus, K., Gooding, J., Lee, L., Whisstock, J., Rossjohn, J., Hertzog, P., Heath, W., Godfrey, D., Hatters, D., Quiney, H., Abbey, B., Braet, F., King, N., Grau, G., van Oijen, A., Mak, J., Meunier, F., Yap, A., Eyre, N., Russell, S. & Böcking, T.


Project: Research

Illicit drugs trading online: A longitudinal comparative analysis of cryptomarkets

Martin, J., Cunliffe, J. & Den Boer, M.


Project: Research

Field and Studio Sound Equipment Systems

Ellis, G., Millard, K., Knowles, J., Murray, T., Marynowsky, W., Pearlman, K., Barkat, I., Morgan, A., Ogilvie, J., Phelps, B., Bidault, M., Moore, D. R., Cooper, C., Burgess, N., Furduj, B., Mees, C. & O'Grady, P.


Project: Research

Targeting the synaptic actin cytoskeleton in Alzheimer's Disease

Fath, T., Fath, T., Anggono, V., Gunning, P., Power, J., Karl, T. & Masedunskas, A.


Project: Other

After Heritage

Minca, C. & Muzaini, H.


Project: Research

Combined gas chromatography/ electroantennogram detector for insect olfaction research

Taylor, P., Jamie, I., Herberstein, M., Kemp, D., Barron, A., Jamie, J., Akter, H., Adnan, S., Moadeli, T., Akter, K., Bakshi, D. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Impacts of emotion on diagnostic decision making in anaesthesiology

Crane, M., Tan, S. G. M., Loveday, T., Wiggins, M. & Forrest, K.


Project: Research

Hot stage separation of non-ferrous fraction during iron ore reduction

Strezov, V., Frost, R., Nelson, P., Evans, T. & MQRES (International), M. (.


Project: Research

An early childhood community-based mathematics and science approach to addressing Indigenous disadvantage in remote communities

Neilsen-Hewett, C., Grace, R., Alperstein, G., Papic, M., Mulligan, J., McKay-Tempest, J. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Let's Talk: Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness

Guo, Q., Chong, M., Wong, G., Kelley, D. & Liu, K.


Project: Research

APRA Artist in Residence, Macquarie University, 2014/2015

Potts, J., Evans, M. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

Classroom of Many Cultures: Co-creating support curriculum with international community partners and students

Downey, G., Lloyd, K., Baker, M., Bilous, R., Coffey, E., Hammersley, L. & Rawlings-Sanaei, F.


Project: Research

Recognising and rewarding good practice with sessional teaching

Harvey, M., Chalmers, D., Hamilton, J. & Jones, S.


Project: Research

Real Estate Cycles and Bank Systemic Risk

Kalotay, E., Loudon, G., Trueck, S. & Altman, E.


Project: Research