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Logistics optimisation algorithms and software

Johnson, M., Jamshid Lou, P. & Ovens , M.


Project: Research


Development of a TDP43-targeting gene therapy for ALS

Chung, R., Lisowski, L., Walker, A. K., Rogers, M., Lee, A., Morsch, M. & Rayner, S.


Project: Research

Developing a sustainable system to deliver early intervention for mental health through Australian schools

Rapee, R., Lourey, C., Kotselas, P., Roos, T., Mihalopoulos, C., Burns, J., Bowsher, I. & Parsons, C.


Project: Research

Centre for Research Excellence in Digestive Health

Talley, N. J., Holtmann, G., Walker, M. M., Jones, M., Morrison, M., Keely, S., Gibson, P., Chan, S., Tack, J. & Coombes, J. S.


Project: Research

New tools, methods, and resources for aquatic symbioses

Llorente, B., Paulsen, I., Bapteste, E., Mitchell, L. A. & Escalante, R.


Project: Research

Sydney Quantum Academy Scholarship_Volz/Nair

Volz, T., Nair, R. B. & Gilchrist, A.


Project: Research

Understanding and treating OCD in older adults

Johnco, C., Storch, E. A., Wuthrich, V. & Norberg, M.


Project: Research

Polarization effects in a gravitational field

Terno, D.


Project: Research

Identifying needs and testing solutions for people with hearing loss in low and middle income countries

Newall, J., Dawes, P., Kim, R., Swanepoel, D. W., Goswami, S. P., Shivashankar, N., Pitathawatchai , P., McPherson, B., Ramos, H., Vaughan, G., Smith, M., Bartlett, R., Bartlett, P., Carkeet, D., Tavartkiladze, G., Boboshko, M., Bakhshinyan, V., Al-Hanbali, S., Ismail, N. A. H. B., Konukseven, O., Meral, M., Serbetcioglu, B., Atas, A., Hayir, D., Polat, Z., Sartika, D., Fatimah, S., Shah, S., Chetri, S. T., Sennaroglu, G., Türkyılmaz , D., Babaoğlu, G., Ghannoum, H., Yılmaz, S. & Liang, W.


Project: Research

Cell-Sort MultiTool: a Novel Platform for Single-cell Bacteria Analysis

Li, M., Cain, A., Tang, S. & Goda, K.


Project: Research

The Diagnostic Colour of Motor Neurone Disease

Rowe, D.


Project: Research

Investigating PSTs' Funds of Knowledge

D'warte, J., Rushton, K., Oguro, S. & Chik, A.


Project: Research

ARC linkage: A novel approach for the real-time measurement of aerosol surface area

Chan, H., Kourtmatzis, A., Cheng, S. & Farina, D.


Project: Research

Designing a Holistic Model of Advice to Improve Retirement Planning

Earl, J., Gerrans, P., Wijeratne, C. & Lennon, J.


Project: Research