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Approved Advanced high throughput functional genomics and gene mapping

Bergquist, P. L. & Dawes, I.


Project: Research

APRA AMCOS Music Grant 2016/2017

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

APRA AMCOS Music Grant 2019

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Other

APRA Artist in Residence, Macquarie University, 2010/2011

Potts, J. & Evans, M.


Project: Research

APRA Artist in Residence, Macquarie University, 2014/2015

Potts, J., Evans, M. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

A prospective investigation of the psychological impact of prenatal testing

Grant, K. & Zilibowitz, M.


Project: Research

AQUTE - Atomic Quantum Technologies

Brennen, G.


Project: Research

Arabic Sociolinguistics Research

Rieschild, V.


Project: Research

A rapid multi-pathogen identification platform for use in the field AP09043

Connally, R.


Project: Research

ARC Australian Communication Research Network (ACoRN)

Parker, T., Rasmussen, L., Krongold, B., Guo, G., Yuan, J., Chiera, B., Vial, P., Gao, J., Hanlen, L., Suzuki, H., Clarkson, V. & Trajkovic, V.


Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence Application Preparation: Twamley/Rabeau

Twamley, J. & Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems (CCFS) (ARC)

O'Reilly, S., Wilde, S., Griffin, B., Pearson, N., McCuaig, T., Wu, F., Kerrich, R., Brown, M., Gessner, K., Mainprice, D., Nemchin, A., Van Kranendonk, M., Foley, S., McCammon, C., Clark, S., Kilburn, M., Belousova, E., Fiorentini, M., O'Neill, C. J., Yang, Y., Barley, M. & Li, Z.

21/06/11 → …

Project: Research

ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Ageing and Wellbeing

Thompson, B. & Wright, M.


Project: Other

ARC COE SSO: ARC Centre of Excellence for Solar System Origins

O'Neill, C. J., Bland, P. A., Reddy, S. M., Ireland, T., Nemchin, A., Jourdan, F., Benedix, G. K., Wardle, M., Cavosie, A., Towner, M., King, P., Amelin, Y., Tomkins, A. G., Price, D., Horner, J. & Carter, B. D.


Project: Other

ARC Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics

Ranganathan, S., Ragan, M., Bailey, T., Burrage, K., Chen, P., Fellows, M., Hegland, M., McLachlan, G., Marsh, B., Mattick, J., Moscato, P., Teasdale, R., Zhou, X. F. & Kingston, M.


Project: Research

ARC CoE Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) (RAAP)

Piper, J., Goldys, E., Packer, N. & Jin, D.

20/06/14 → …

Project: Research