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A toolbox to underpin and enable tomorrow's marine biosecurity system

Floerl, O., Zaiko, A., Hopkins, G., Cahill, P., Pochon, X., Wood, S., Davidson, I., South, P., Vennell, R., Atalah, J., Newton, M., Smeaton, M., Gemmell, N., Stanton, J., Guen, M. J. L., Welsh, M., Yao, R., Treml, E., Dafforn, K., Badyal, J. P. & Chetham, J.


Project: Other

Atrial remodelling and risk of arrhythmias in endurance athletes

Raju, H. & La Gerche, A.

27/07/17 → …

Project: Research

Attention, Intention and Automaticity

Finkbeiner, M.


Project: Research

Attentional control and self-control

Levy, N., Humphreys, G. & Kennett, J.


Project: Research

Audio-Video Observation, Recording, Analysis and Conferencing Infrastructure

Richardson, M., Wuthrich, V., Kallen, R., Norberg, M., Reichle, E., Wiggins, M., Sutton, J., Nalepka, P., Rigoli, L., Douglas, H., Pini, S., Mingon, M., Falkland, E., Wolters, N., Kwok, C. & Auletta, F.


Project: Other

A unified platform for early-stage cancer diagnosis and treatment

Lu, Y. & Piper, J.


Project: Research

A urinary biomarker to track progression of ALS in humans

Guillemin, G., Rogers, M., Benatar, M., Schultz, D. & Chataway, T.


Project: Research

AuScope Earth Composition and Evolution (RAAP)

O'Reilly, S. & Wong-Borgefjord, M.


Project: Research

AusKidTalk: An Australian Children's Speech Corpus

Ahmed, B., Ballard, K. J., Burnham, D. K., Epps, J. R., Cox, F., Sethu, V., Demuth, K., Arciuli, J., Kelly, B., Diskin, C., Benders, T., Beng Lee, C., Ambikairajah, E. & Baker, E.


Project: Research

AusPollen: Implementation of a standardized national pollen alert system for better management of allergic respiratory health

Beggs, P., Davies, J., Erbas, B., Katelaris, C., Newbigin, E., Huete, A., Ebert, E., van Klinken, R., Haberle, S. & Medek, D.


Project: Research

AusStage: Gateway to Australian live performance, phase 3-enhancing research methodologies through digital technologies

Holledge, J., Burvill, T., Tompkins, J., Mc Callum, J., Milne, G., Makeham, P. & Kienanader, A.


Project: Research

Ausstage phase 4: Harnessing collective intelligence and pioneering new visual methodologies for innovative research into Australian live performance

Burvill, T., Bollen, J., Tompkins, J., Maxwell, I., Stone, R., Watt, D., Makenham, P., Durban, K., Holledge, J., Milne, G., Casey, M., Grehan, H., Kiernander, A., Stephenson, P., Tait, P., Arrighi, G., Hassall, N., Erskine, S., McGillivray, G., D'Cruz, G. & Carlin, D.


Project: Research

Australasian Society for Human Behaviour and Evolution Meeting

Jonason, P. K. & Stephen, I.


Project: Other

Australia China Young Scientist Exchange Program

Lim, E.


Project: Research

Australia China Young Scientists Exchange Program 2016 (Lee)

Lee, Y., Yang, T., Cai, H. & Yang, Q.


Project: Research

Australia in Colour

Morgan, A.


Project: Other

Australian Access Federation ( AAF )

Dalziel, J.


Project: Research

Australian Astronomical Optics Consortium Agreement

Casali, M., Cerneaz, N., Colless, M., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Webster, R. & Luo, S.


Project: Research