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GLOHUM: Global Humanisms: A History of the Middle Ages (300-1600)

Jurković, M., Stahuljak, Z., Dzino, D., Kaćunko, S., Budak, N., Marković, P., Milinović, D., Bradanović, M., Bilogrivić, G., Jakšić, N., Josipović, I., Caillet, J., Barral i Altet, X., Lucherini, V. & Chevalier, P.


Project: Research

Global Lithospheric Architecture Mapping II

O'Reilly, S., Griffin, B. & O'Neill, C.


Project: Research

Global MBA

Breyer, Y., Snell, L. & Tickle, L.

2/01/18 → …

Project: Teaching

Global Modernists on Modernism

Moody, A.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

GNOSIS: a new window into the distant universe enabled by photonic technology

Lawrence, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Colless, M., Freeman, K., Glazebrook, K., Schmidt, B., Tinney, C., O'Bryne, J., Ellis, S. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

GNOSIS-J: completing the revolutionary OH suppression spectrograph

Ireland, M., Hawthorn, J., Croom, S., Leon-Saval, S., O'Bryne, J., Colless, M., Ellis, S. & Lawrence, J.


Project: Research

Goal orientations and service innovation adoption

Tojib, D., Ho, I. & Tsarenko, Y.

4/07/19 → …

Project: Research

Governance for environmental sustainability: The case of public-private partnerships

Benn, S. & White, S.


Project: Research

Governing the knowledge commons

Levy, N., Handfield, T., Garcia Gallego, J. A., Xiao, E., Simpson, R. & Zollman, K.


Project: Research

Governing urban energy transitions: reconfiguring spaces, sites, subjects

Dowling, R. & McGuirk, P.

1/01/15 → …

Project: Research

Gradient Automated Flash System (GAFS)

Karuso, P., Jamie, J., Liu, F. & Try, A.


Project: Research

Graphite and carbonate AMS ages for Holocene bivalves

Kosnik, M., Hua, Q. & Dominguez Sarmiento, G.


Project: Research

Grass of the Oceans: quantifying biodiversity, environmental and climatic connectivity from a decade-long capture of Southern Ocean diatoms

Armand, L., Trull, T., Bray, S., Rigual Hernandez, A. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Green Cities Fund GC15002 - Which plant where, when and why database for growing green space

Leishman, M., Beaumont, L., Ellsworth, D., Gallagher, R., Hughes, L., Nipperess, D., Adams, M., Anderson, I., Dunford, S., Lee, C., Power, S., Rakhesh, N., Rymer, P., Tjoelker, M. & Staas, L.

30/06/16 → …

Project: Research

Greening of business

Mathews, J.


Project: Research

Greening the Car: Car Cultures in Twenty-first Century Australia

Dowling, R.


Project: Research

Greenway sustainability - Research Partnership

George, J.


Project: Research

Ground based studies of the atmospheres of Mars and Venus

Bailey, J.


Project: Research

H2O and CO2 distribution along grain boundaries

Jacob, D.


Project: Research

H3 Chatbot

Ritchie, R. & Mirovaar, S.


Project: Teaching

Haemodynamic Investigation of Flow Diverter Stents for the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms

Sen, I., Avolio, A., Morgan, M., Chong, W., Umezu, M., Greene, R., Parker, V., Yang, W. & MQRES, M.

7/04/14 → …

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