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Identifying and addressing unwarranted clinical variation in hip fracture care to improve health outcomes

Close, J., Harvey, L. A., Harris, I. A. & Mitchell, R.


Project: Research

Identifying regions of high drought mortality risk for tree species in NSW

Beaumont, L., Medlyn, B., Tissue, D., Auld, T., Evans, B., Duursma, R., Rymer, P., Tjoelker, M., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.

23/02/15 → …

Project: Research

Identifying risk factors for an episode of low back pain

Hancock, M. & Petocz, P.


Project: Research

Identify politics in the postcolonial Pacific

Lawson, S.


Project: Research

Ideologies of Adaptation: Literature and Film for Children and Young People

McCallum, R.


Project: Research

IEEE International Conference on Ultra-wideband

Dutkiewicz, E.


Project: Research

ILC Grant Start-Up Program

Mitchell, R.


Project: Research

iLearn (Moodle) Unit Design Template

K Jan, S. & Latchman, R.


Project: Other

Illicit drugs trading online: A longitudinal comparative analysis of cryptomarkets

Martin, J., Cunliffe, J. & Den Boer, M.


Project: Research

Imaging/spectroscopy unit at the single-photon sensitivity level

Zvyagin, A., Goldys, E., Goodchild, A., Rabeau, J., Gaebel, T., Mildren, R., Carman, R. & Gulson, B.


Project: Research

Imaging the Birth of Planets and Brown Dwarfs

Ireland, M. & Wardle, M.


Project: Research

Immunomodulatory Compounds in Marsupial Milk

Joss, J.


Project: Research

Impact of NSW Workers Compensation Legislation 2012

Markey, R., Thornthwaite, L. & O'Neill, S.


Project: Research