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Breyer, Y.


Project: Teaching

Young People, Sex, Love and the Media

Lumby, C., Albury, K. & McKee, A.


Project: Research

Yeast Methylotrophy as a New Production Platform

Williams, T., Espinosa Gomez, M. & Peat, T.


Project: Other

X-ray facility for protein crystallography

Curmi, P., Jacques, D., Ryan, R. M., Mackay, J. P., Mabbutt, B., Paulsen, I., Duggin, I., Harry, E., Oakley, A. & Dixon, N. E.


Project: Other

Writing a research monograph entitled "Causes that Make a Difference"

Menzies, P.


Project: Research

World Human Powered Vehicle challenge

Diasinos, S. & De Souzi, E.


Project: Research

Work-related Road Traffic Injury: Managing the Risk

Heller, G. & Stevenson, M.


Project: Research

Working with recovery: Future proofing our rivers against floods and droughts

Fryirs, K., Leishman, M., Brierley, G., Ralph, T., Porter, R., Thompson, J. & Marshall, F.


Project: Research

Working together to promote good health and wellbeing: Development of a network of Translational Genomic Clinics (TGCs) in NSW Health. [Funded by Academic Health Science Partnership (AHSP) Council - Clinical Academic Stream; Total Awarded: $500,000]

Roscioli, T., Wu, K., Colley, A., Buckley, M., Mead, R. S., Schofield, D., Petrie, D., Rajagopalan, S., Mowat, D., Turner, A., Sachdev, R., Ellaway, C., Ewans, L., Young, M., Meiser, B., Brink, R., Dunwoodie, S. L., Tucker, K. M., Giannoulatou, E., Tangye, S., Mattick, J. S., Goodnow, C., Vissel, B., Gray, P., Farrar, M. A., Mercer, T., Cowley, M. J., Dziadek, M., Bates, S., Celler, B., Wilson, M. & Chan, M.


Project: Research

Working Mathematically in a rural context

Mitchelmore, M.


Project: Research

Work as a spiritual practice in corporate settings

Todarello, E.


Project: Research

Work and self-development: a philosophical reappraisal

Smith, N., Deranty, J., Renault, E., Dejours, C. & Carthew, K.


Project: Research

Work Aging and Retirement Network

Griffin, B., Bordia, P., Kulik, C. & Zacher, H.


Project: Research