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Toward a Radiocarbon Chronology of Egypt during the Pyramid Age (c. 2660-2180 BC)

Sowada, K., Jacobsen, G. & Quiles, A.


Project: Research

Total Atmospheric Control System (TACS)

Liu, F., Jamie, J., Karuso, P., Molloy, M. & Try, A.


Project: Research

Topology of constrained voice leading spaces

Bulger, D.


Project: Research

Tool Use in Fishes

Brown, C.


Project: Research

To demonstrate the detection of novel miRNA molecules by qPCR

Khan, A., Teo , W. & Campbell, D.


Project: Other

Tobii eye-tracker for testing infants and young children

Demuth, K., Grant, K., McMahon, C., Crain, S., Thornton, R., Sharma, M., Cox, F., Tsukada, K., Zhou, P. & Moscati, V.


Project: Research

To be cooperative or selfish: individual decisions in a model society

Griffith, S., Russell, A., Edwards, S. & Newton, J.


Project: Research

TMS Manager; real-time TMS navigation system

Sowman, P.


Project: Research

Time to unpack the black box of non-specific back pain

Hancock, M., Cicuttini, F., Jarvik, J., Magnussen, J., Koes, B., Maher, C., Irwig, L., Herbert, R. & MacAskill, P.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Timescales of mixing and volatile transfer leading to volcanic eruptions

Handley, H., Turner, S., Reagan, M., Barclay, J. & MQRES, M.

19/01/15 → …

Project: Research

Through the eyes of the Chinese: Attitudes to and opinions of Australia and their influence on Sino-Australian business exchange

Ren, Y., Liu, S., Smith, J., Gallois, C., Liesch, P. & Daly, S.


Project: Research

Through a glass brightly: opening up the mid-infrared using dysprosium ions

Jackson, S., MQRES, M. & MQRES 2, M. 2.


Project: Research

Thomson Reuters Global Ownership Database

Trueck, S., Yu, F., Adrian, C., Carlton, A., Chand, P., Chen, C., Cummings, J., Evans, E., De Mello, L., He, C., Hellmann, A., Jameson, K., Kalotay, E., Loudon, G., Lu, M., Mala, R., Magee, S., Milunovich, G., Pan, P., Patel, C., Sheedy, E., Shi, S., Siu, K. & Wright, S.


Project: Research

Third year logic

Crain, S.


Project: Research

Thiol Protease Inhibitors as Possible Anti Cancer Compounds

Cleemann, F. & Karuso, P.


Project: Research

Thinking in Smells

Stevenson, D., Chinchen, G. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Thin Antenna Beam Steering Systems with Exceptional Performance

Esselle, K., Maci, S., Vardaxoglou, J., Bulger, D. & Matekovits, L.


Project: Research