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A colorectal cancer 'interactome' paradigm that influences patient survival

Baker, M. S., Nice, E., Clarke, S. & Crouch, M.


Project: Research

AC Motor Duty Meter for excavating machines: feasibility study

Kordzakhia, N. & Mirzaeva, G.


Project: Research

Achieving school success through effective leadership and high performing work practices

Snell, L., Rhodes, C., Sok, P. & Tse, H.


Project: Other

Achieving Financial Wellbeing for Autistic Individuals

Pellicano, L. & Cai, R. Y.


Project: Other

Achieving behaviour change for prevention and management of Lynch Syndrome

Ayliff, N., Braithwaite, J., Debono, D., O'Neill, S., Chin, M., Potter, M., Williams, R., Salisbury, E. & Butler, J.


Project: Research

A Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health: Making health services work for adolescents in a digital age. [Funded by NHMRC; Total Awarded; $2,500,000 APP1134894]

Steinbeck, K., Skinner, S. R., Sanci, L., Schofield, D., Brooks, F., Dawson, A., Ivers, R. Q., Perry, L., Liu, B., Collin, P., Third, A., Mooney-Somers, J., Straker, L., Baur, L. A., Kang, M., Hazell, P., Gibson, S., Eades, S. & Sawyer, S. M.


Project: Research

Accurate and early yield predictions through advanced statistical modelling

Van Sluyter, S., Dunn, G., Beaumont, L. & Small, G.

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Project: Research

A CCRE in aphasia rehabilitation

Nickels, L., Worrall, L., Togher, L., Ferguson, A. & Copland, D.


Project: Research

Accounting for Health and Safety

Guthrie, J., Martinov-Bennie, N. & O'Neill, S.


Project: Research

Accelerating wheat genetic gain by establishing a high-throughput spike phenotyping platform

Cavagnaro, T., Atwell, B., Garnett, T., Burton, R. A., Gilliham, M., McLaughlin, M., Miklavcic, S., Kronzucker, H., Roessner, U., Johnson, A., Whelan, J., Mooney, S. & Tester, M.


Project: Research

Accelerating Indigenous Higher Education - Whole of University

Holt, L. & Larkin, S.


Project: Research

A cavity-enhanced nanodiamond single photon source

Rabeau, J., Steel, M. & Fuerbach, A.


Project: Research

Academic skills tutoring of children raised by grandparents

Stapledon, J.


Project: Research

A brighter future: the pure-quartic soliton laser

Redondo, A., de Sterke, C., Hudson, D. & Schmidt, M.


Project: Research

Aboriginal Voices: Insights for Aboriginal Education

Lowe, K. & Harrison, N.


Project: Research

ABC-Gallipoli development project

Broadbent, H.


Project: Research

-80 Freezer for microbiological strain storage

Stokes, H.


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