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Retirement intentions and preparedness. [Funded by NSW Dental Association; Total Awarded: $2,000]

Schofield, D. & Fletcher, S.


Project: Research

Retinal RXR receptors in glaucoma

Graham, S. L. & Gupta, V.


Project: Research

Re-thinking media arts history and theory

Potts, J., Millard, K. & Meikle, G.


Project: Research

Retain key and technical staff from the MAMS project

Thelander, N. & Liong, B.


Project: Research

Restoring neuroprotective sphingosine 1-phosphate signalling in Alzheimer’s Disease

Don, A., Garner, B., Fath, T. & Rosen, H.


Project: Research

RESTORE - Individualised movement rehabilitation and movement sensor biofeedback for low back pain

Kent, P., Hancock, M., O'Sullivan, P., Smith, A., Haines, T., Campbell, A. & McGregor, A.


Project: Other

Response of the Totten Glacier to past climate warming

Armand, L., Noble, T., Chase, Z. & Halpin, J.

28/06/17 → …

Project: Research

Respiratory muscle training to improve exercise capacity and quality of life in people with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Brown, M., Rachael, C., Davis, G., Celermajer, D., Alison, J., Lau, E., Lindstrom, S., Coy, A. & Tran, D.

Project: Research

Respiratory modulation: Role in the development of cardiovascular diseases

Allen, A. M., McMullan, S., Bathgate, R. & Menuet, C.


Project: Research

Resources for Quantum Networks

Berry, D.


Project: Research

Resolving the warming East Australian Current's impact on a marine food web

Jonsen, I., Harcourt, R., Suthers, I., Roughan, M., Doblin, M., Slip, D. & Cox, M.


Project: Research

Resilience Training 2016

Crane, M.


Project: Research

Research Survey LendLease Building

Searle, B.


Project: Research

Research on Urban Intelligence

Shevchenko, P., Minami, K., Ames, M., Yamagata, Y., Murakami, D., Taniguchi, M., Kasuga, F., Peters, G. & Bagnarosa, G.


Project: Research

Research on the Development of Green and Low-Carbon City

Xu, L. & Xu, L.


Project: Research

Research on Cardiology Clinical Studies

Chung, R.


Project: Research