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Plasmon nanobiosensor for whole blood analysis

Goldys, E., Gryczynski, Z. & Gryczynski, I.


Project: Research

Plasma Focused Ion Beam for Nanoscale Characterisation of Materials

Loehr, S., Tilley, R., Munroe, P., Zhang, L., Cairney, J., Zheng, R., Saunders, M., Li, S., Hao, X., Liao, X., Pereloma, E., Tieu, K., Ma, Q., Bradby, J., Bing, S. & Piazolo, S.


Project: Research

Plant serpins in metabolic regulation

Roberts, T. & Baker, M. S.


Project: Research

Plant ecological strategies across species and an evolutionary-ecological vegitation model

Westoby, M., Dieckmann, U., Prentice, I. & Reich, P.


Project: Research

Planetary nebulae as potent astrophysical probes near field Cosmology

Parker, Q.


Project: Research

Planetary Nebulae as Astronomical Tools: Discovering the ultimate fate of our Sun

Frew, D. & Parker, Q.


Project: Research

Planetary Atmospheres: From Earth to Exoplanets

Bailey, J.


Project: Research

Planar high-gain antennas based on electromagnetic band gap concept

Esselle, K., Biswar, A. & MQRES 3 (International), M. 3.


Project: Research

PIV System

Zakoshanski, I., Diasinos, S., Cheng, S. & Inglis, D.


Project: Research

Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide is a novel peptide in cardiovascular sympathetic pathways

Pilowsky, P., Farnham, M. & Lung, M.


Project: Research

Pipi Storm Theatre Company (1975-1988): A Cultural History of Children’s Rights

Barrett Meyering, I.


Project: Research

Phytoplankton patterns in the coastal waters of New South Wales

Ajani, P.


Project: Research

Phytoplankton diversity in coastal water of New South Wales, Australia

Ajani, P. & Armand, L.


Project: Research

Physiologically specific particle based drug delivery

Cheng, S. & Kourmatzis, A.

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Project: Research

ERASMUS+: Physical Literacy for Life ERASMUS+

Dudley, D. A., Kirkeby, M., Benedicic Tomat, S., Payne, R., Nenova, L., Holzweg, M., Salin, K., Murphy, C., Repond, R., Onofre, M., Martins, J., Mota, J., Markovic, M., Mileva, B., Schnitzler, C., Benstsen, P., Elsborg, P., Melby, P. S., Grinderslev, N., Green, N., Llop Padilla, A. & Scheur, C.


Project: Research

Phylogeography, conservation genetics and stocking management of perches and basses

Beheregaray, L., Gilligan, D. & APAI, A.


Project: Research

Photonic Quantum Technologies

Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

Phonological Effects on the Development of Inflectional Morphology

Cox, F., Shattuck-Hufnagel, S., Chinchen, G., MQRES, M. & PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (.


Project: Research