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NCRIS 5.1 - 2008 DSRD Reporting - Baker

Baker, M. S.


Project: Research

NCRIS2013 - ANFF OptoFab Node

Withford, M.

24/07/14 → …

Project: Research

NBN Project - Services for Gengfa Fang

Dutkiewicz, E. & Fang, G.


Project: Research

Navigational and neuroethological aspects of cooperative transport in weaver ants

Burchill, A., Reid, C. & Pratt, S.


Project: Research

Navigating brains: the neurobiology of spatial cognition

Cheng, K., Zeil, J., Narendra, A., Barron, A., Wehner, R. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Nature of the Lower Continental Crust

Daczko, N.


Project: Research

Natural Language Generation for Aboriginal Languages

Dras, M., Turpin, M., Rambow, O., Dale, R. & Carthew, K.


Project: Research

Naturalisation to invasion: how do naturalised plants become successful invaders?

Leishman, M., Murray, B., Moles, A., Richardson, D. & Kilronomics, J.


Project: Research

National Survey of Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

Throsby, D. & Petetskaya, K.


Project: Research

National Nanolithography Facility

Jagadish, C., Kane, D., Withford, M., Goldys, E., Dawes, J. & Esselle, K.


Project: Research

National Live Cell Scanning Platform for Nanoparticle Tracking

Lu, Y., Monro, T., Jin, D., Gibson, B., Braet, F., Paulsen, I., Traini, D., Hutchinson, M., Greentree, A., Chung, R., Young, P. & Willows, R.


Project: Research

NIRAKN: National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network

Holt, L., Anderson, P., McMillan, M., Larkin, S. & Milroy, J.


Project: Research

Nano-Security Inks for Next-gen Bank Notes

Jin, D.


Project: Research

Nanoscale Engineering of Hybrid Materials

Xu, X. & Jin, D.

17/01/15 → …

Project: Research

NanoMin; Quantitative Mineral Mapping of Nanoscale Processes

Kennedy, M., Sorrell, C., Haberlah, D., Dewhurst, D., Turner, S., Gore, D., O'Reilly, S., Van Kranendonk, M., Nelson, P., Le-Clech, P., Koshy, P., Foden, J., Ward, C., Sherwood, N. & Haghighi, M.

18/03/16 → …

Project: Research

Nanomaterials for biosensing

Goldys, E.


Project: Research

Nanodrop 8000 Spectrometer

Brown, L., Paulsen, I., Roberts, T. & Mabbutt, B.


Project: Research

NanoDrop-2000 UV-Vis Spectrometer

Brown, L.


Project: Research

Naming the World: Enhancing early years literacy and sustainability learning

Somerville, M., Woods, A., Duhn, I., Powell, S. & Rautio, P.

19/03/16 → …

Project: Research