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The role of tropomyosin in coordinated neurite branching

Gunning, P., Fath, T. & Bamburg, J.


Project: Research

Demographic and Social Dimensions of Migrant Ageing and Wellbeing in Australia

Taksa, L., Guo, F., Cheng, Z., Tani, M., Liu, L. & Zimmermann, K.


Project: Research

Development of diagnostic tools to treat patients with severe constipation

Jones, M., Dinning, P., Cook, I., Arkwright, J., Scott, M. & Lubowski, D.


Project: Research

Environmental Trust NSW: Scaling up green seawall designs

Bishop, M., Strain, E. M. A., Dafforn, K., Lennon, D. P., Goad, A. & Steinberg, P.


Project: Research

Not all microbes are equal: Defining keystone microbes and planktonic guilds within Australias oceans

Ostrowski, M., Brown, M., Seymour, J., Fuhrman, J., Levine, N., Edwards, R. & Bodrossy, L.

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Project: Research

Dual Frequency indentification SONAR (DIDSON) facility for sampling benthic and pelagic fish populations

Harcourt, R., Suthers, I., Taylor, M., Brooks, R., Kingsford, R., Booth, D., Gladstone, W. & Davis, A.


Project: Research

Ultra-low temperature facility for optical experiments

Volz, T., Morello, A., Laucht, A., Dzurak, A. & Molina-Terriza, G.


Project: Research

MISC - Landcom NSW: How can an Australian ‘build to rent’ product contribute to urban renewal and affordable housing supply?

Ruming, K., Pawson , H., Randolph, B., Martin , C., Van Den Nouwelant , R. & Mulligan , V.


Project: Research

The Nanten2 sub-millimetre telescope

Wardle, M.


Project: Research

Assays of Indian Medicinal Plants

Vemulpad, S. & Velmurugan, R.


Project: Research

NIRAKN: National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network

Holt, L., Anderson, P., McMillan, M., Larkin, S. & Milroy, J.


Project: Research

Volumetric Search in Radiology

Williams, L., Carrigan, A., Rich, A. & Drew, T.

Project: Research

Virtual Reality Dome System

Halbert, C., Crane, M., Thompson, B., Hellmann, A., Loveday, T., Brooks, K., Curby, K., Kavakli-Thorne, M. & Wiggins, M.


Project: Research

Development of laboratories at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Raftos, D., Beheregaray, L., Harcourt, R., Moller, L., Nair, S., Vaitilingon, D. & Williamson, J.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC Scholarship (Eugenio Piazza)

Wong, J.


Project: Research