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The molecular basis of pathogen-specific immunity in an insect

Nair, S.


Project: Research

Rainforest plant communities

Gallagher, R. & Rabe-Hesketh, S.


Project: Research

No-brainer: Cognitive-like behaviors in a unicellular slime mold

Reid, C., Garnier, S. & Weber, G.

1/07/16 → …

Project: Research

Enriched higher category theory

Batanin, M., Markl, M., Berger, C. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Volunteering to learn: enhancing learning in the student volunteering experience in Australian universities

Haski-Leventhal, D., Paull, M., Holmes, K., Scott, R., Young, S. & MacCallum, J.

18/12/13 → …

Project: Research

Online violent extremist audiences in Australia and the United Kingdom

Lumby, C., Waldek, L., Droogan, J., Conway, M., Weimann, G. & Aly, A.

1/11/16 → …

Project: Research

A fully-automated, fully shielded system for high-sensitivity and rapid acquisition of paleomagnetic data

O'Neill, C. J., Tohver, E., Roberts, A., Rosenbaum, G., Pisarevsky, S., Clark, C., Elders, C., Bland, P., Wilde, S. & Li, Z.


Project: Research

Laser ablation multiple split streaming

Pearson, N., Kemp, A., McCulloch, M., Fiorentini, M., McCuaig, T., Rate, A., Clark, C., Rasmussen, B., Evans, N., Reddy, S., Bland, P., Raimondo, T., Belousova, E., Jacob, D., Rubatto, D., Spandler, C. & Barnes, S.


Project: Research

Ice Sheet Collapse, Sea Level Rise and Australian Coastal Response

Goodwin, I., O'Leary, M., Gallop, S., Mitrovica, J. & MQRES, M.

1/04/16 → …

Project: Research

Minerals at extreme conditions - Integrating theory and experiment

Rushmer, T., Wright, K. & Reddy, S.


Project: Research

What's best for my child? Parents' perspectives of childcare quality and early learning as contributors to childcare choice

Degotardi, S., Sweller, N., Beange, M., Liley, K., PhD Contribution (ARC), P. C. (. & Fenech, M.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Abhay Kulkarni)

Lepone, A. & Kulkarni, A.


Project: Research

G-Expectation and Its Applications to Nonlinear Risk Management

Siu, K., Elliott, R. & Peng, S.


Project: Research

Reducing peer victimisation in Australian schools through targeted and universal approaches (DEEWR)

Rapee, R., Cross, D., Sharma, C., Bussey, K., Hudson, J., Mihalopoulos, C., Roberts, C. & Titov, N.

26/06/13 → …

Project: Research

The Protein Corona: Imaging the nanoparticle biological identity card

Garcia-Bennett, A., MQRES (International), M. (. & MQRES, M.

1/04/16 → …

Project: Research

Quantifying the flux of fugitive greenhouse gasses associated with coal seam gas and calibrating it to natural baseline and anthropogenic sources

Kennedy, M., Vincent, R., Hamilton, M., Roberts, M. & Malavazos, M.

1/02/15 → …

Project: Research

The nature and consequences of interruptions and multi-tasking

Westbrook, J., Braithwaite, J., Dunsmuir, W. & MQRES, M.

29/01/16 → …

Project: Research

Understanding sex differences in pain: cellular therapies for animal pain

Goldys, E., Liu, G., Hutchinson, M. & Vesey, G.

16/12/16 → …

Project: Research

Australia's Asian garrisons and regional engagement, 1945-1988

Brawley, S., Sobocinska, A., Koh, E., Augustine, M., Christina, T. & Blackburn, K.

29/02/16 → …

Project: Research

Rural migrant labour in large Chinese cities

Guo, F., Hugo, G., Yuan, X. & Ouyang, Y.


Project: Research