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NSW Early-Mid Career Fellowship (awarded but declined)

Dear, B., Titov, N., Sharpe, A. L., Jones, M., Cutler, H., Schroeder, L., Nielssen, O., Hadjistavropoulos, H., Staples, L. & Gandy, M.

1/01/17 → …

Project: Research

Ecological effects of antibiotics

Paulsen, I. & Iredell, J.


Project: Research

Expanding the genomic frontier from species to strains and individuals to populations

Paulsen, I., Packer, N., Gillings, M., Wilkins, M., Cavicchioli, R., Neilan, B., Scott, R., Foster, P., Dickson, P., Charles, I., Harry, E., Djordjevic, S. & Whitchurch, C.


Project: Research

Superresolution fluorescence imaging in microbiology

Paulsen, I., Dixon, N., Whitchurch, C., Harry, E., Turnbull, L., van Oijen, A., Lewis, P., Grainge, I., Jensen, S. & Böcking, T.


Project: Research

Single Cell Genomics

Paulsen, I., Packer, N., Gillings, M., Jin, D., Wilkins, M., Dawes, I., Cavicchioli, R., Scott, R., Wade, C., Firth, N., Waterhouse, P., Stokes, H., Charles, I. & Whitchurch, C.


Project: Research

How Do Schools Make Decisions About Supporting Students with Disability?

Carter, M., Stephenson, J., Webster, A., Stevens, R., Clements, M. & Waddy, N.

5/09/16 → …

Project: Research

Rigorous Vision Science in the Real World

Brooks, K.


Project: Research

Enriched higher category theory

Batanin, M., Markl, M., Berger, C. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

Beam profiling instrument for measuring the spatial properties of laser beams

Piper, J., Pask, H., Fuerbach, A., Spence, D. & Connally, R.


Project: Research

Does tidal restoration lead to carbon sequestration gains by coastal wetlands?

Kelleway, J., Gadd, P., Zawadzki, A., Saintilan, N., Heijnis, H., Rogers, K. & Owers, C.

1/07/17 → …

Project: Research


The emergence of logic in child language

Crain, S., Johnson, B., Khlentzos, D., Tzeng, O., Lee, T., Gao, L. & Carthew, K.


Project: Research

Diamond based single spin detector

Rabeau, J. & Sellars, M.


Project: Research

Multi-colour imaging facility

Goldys, E., Rabeau, J., Zvyagin, A., Connally, R., Jin, D., Connor, M. & Orr, B.


Project: Research

High-resolution imaging of live cells and tissue

Goldys, E., Gaus, K., Nevalainen, H., Packer, N. & Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

A cavity-enhanced nanodiamond single photon source

Rabeau, J., Steel, M. & Fuerbach, A.


Project: Research

Photonic Quantum Technologies

Rabeau, J.


Project: Research

Capital Markets CRC PhD Scholarship (Abhay Kulkarni)

Lepone, A. & Kulkarni, A.


Project: Research

Orthogonal Yeast Protein Secretion Machinery

Kroukamp, H., Paulsen, I., Peng, K. & Debono, N.


Project: Research