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Volumetric Search in Radiology

Williams, L., Carrigan, A., Rich, A. & Drew, T.

Project: Research

A mass spectrometer for cancer biomarker research

Molloy, M., Packer, N., Baxter, R., Clarke, S., Horvath, L., Kavallaris, M., Robertson, G., Van Zandwijk, N. & Henderson, B.


Project: Research

The Australian European Southern Observatory Positioner (AESOP)

Zucker, D., Driver, S., Robotham, A., Power, C., Meyer, M., Hopkins, A., Sheinis, A., Lidman, C., Brough, S., Colless, M., Asplund, M., Schmidt, B., Drinkwater, M., Parkinson, D., Glazebrook, K., Blake, C., Croton, D., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Sadler, E., Croom, S., McDermid, R., Spitler, L., Brown, M., Webster, R., Jackson, C., DAVIS, T. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology

Jiang, Y., Yu, A., Zhao, D., Rudman, M., Jiang, X., Selomulya, C., Zou, R., Yan, W., Zhou, Z., Guo, B., Shen, Y., Kuang, S., Chu, K., Yang, R., Zhu, H., Zeng, Q., Dong, K., Strezov, V., Wang, G., Zhao, B., Evans, T., Mao, X., Zhu, J., Hu, D., Pan, R., Li, J., Williams, R., Luding, S., Liu, Q., Zhang, J., Huang, H., Zhang, L. & Qiu, T.


Project: Research

Environmental molecular (DNA) analysis facility

Hose, G., Herberstein, M., Bishop, M., Armand, L., Nair, S., Kemp, D. & Raftos, D.


Project: Research

Development of laboratories at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Raftos, D., Beheregaray, L., Harcourt, R., Moller, L., Nair, S., Vaitilingon, D. & Williamson, J.


Project: Research

Renishaw optical metrology system XL-80

Fuerbach, A., Withford, M., Marshall, G., Spence, D. & Orr, B.


Project: Research

Rapid detection of rare-event cells by SUPER Dots: finding a needle in a haystack

Packer, N., Jin, D., Piper, J., Willows, R., Foote, S., Walsh, B., Dubljevic, V., MQRES, M. & CSC-MQRES (International), C. (.


Project: Research

Resilience Training 2016

Crane, M.


Project: Research

MISC - Landcom NSW: How can an Australian ‘build to rent’ product contribute to urban renewal and affordable housing supply?

Ruming, K., Pawson , H., Randolph, B., Martin , C., Van Den Nouwelant , R. & Mulligan , V.


Project: Research

Third year logic

Crain, S.


Project: Research