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High-resolution ITRAX XRF core scanning facility for global change research

Hesse, P., Mather, D., Dodson, J., Haberle, S., Gagan, M., De Deckker, P., Tibby, J., Gell, P., Warne, M., Goodwin, I., Fryirs, K., Woodhead, J., Baker, P., Drysdale, R., Mooney, S., Gasparon, M., Pandolfi, J., Penny, D., Bowman, D., Skilbeck, C., Skrzypek, G., Chivas, A., McGregor, H., Szabo, K., Thoms, M. & Zhao, J. X.


Project: Research

Flying foxes on the move: Unravelling the interplay between coinfection, disease dynamics, pathogen diversity and changing host distributions

Power, M., Webster, K., Baker, M., Iredell, J., Matuschewski, K. & Schaer, J.

1/01/16 → …

Project: Research

Defining the clinical role of topiramate in the treatment of alcohol dependence in Australia

Baillie, A., Haber, P., Morley, K., Teesson, M., Kranzler, H., Shanahan, M., Trent, R., Luquin, N., Phung, N., Lintzeris, N., Hallinan, R. & Pearson, S. A.

1/10/16 → …

Project: Research

Massive black hole in the hearts of galaxies

Wardle, M. & Gaensler, B.


Project: Research

Anandamide activated chloride channels in sensory neurons

Connor, M., Conner, M. & Christie, M.


Project: Research

Tender for Human Health and Social Impacts Node

Capon, A. & Beggs, P.


Project: Research

Safe water must be free for every Australian child.

Gwynne, K., Skinner, J., Dimitropoulos, Y. & Rambaldini, B.


Project: Research

Flexible architecture High Performance Computing facility for the Intersect consortium of NSW

O'Neill, C. J., Radom, L., Wilkins, M., Poulton, C., Henskens, F., Marchant, T. & Leedham, G.


Project: Research

Difficult decisions: a critical analysis of consent to high-risk medical procedures

Kerridge, I., Stewart, C. & Jordens, C.


Project: Research

State of the art surface characterisation facility for the Sydney Basin

Thurgate, S., Gooding, J., Crossley, M. & Downes, J.


Project: Research

In-situ Environmental Electron Microscopy Facility

Tilley, R. D., Amal, R., Kalantar-Zadeh, K., Gooding, J., Hao, X., Liu, H., Ostrikov, K., Ethridge, J., Downes, J., Nann, T., An, X., Phillips, M. & Tricoli, A.


Project: Research

Some New Insights on the Determinants of Capital Structure

Shen, Y., Wallace, D. & Reddy, K.

Project: Research

AI-Enabled Banking

Beheshti, A.


Project: Research

Topology of constrained voice leading spaces

Bulger, D.


Project: Research


Regulating Distant Water Fishing in the Polar Regions

Liu, N. & Liu, H.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2014-2015

Potts, J., Evans, M. & Hughes, D.


Project: Research

APRA: AMCOS Artist in Residence 2010-2011

Potts, J. & Evans, M.


Project: Research