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Post Factory Pilot of SITPlus Fly production

Taylor, P., Rempoulakis, P., Mainali, B., Crisp, P., Siddiqui, M., Powis, K., Kent, J., Williams, D., Il'ichev, A., Dawson, J., Clements, D., Balagawi, S., Stevens, M., Gillespie, P., Reynolds, O., Stringer, L. & Kean, J. M.


Project: Other

The Newest Nationalism: Constructing a Hong Kong National Identity

Carrico, K.


Project: Other

Test record for Annie

Au-Yeung, A.

Project: Other

APRA AMCOS Music Grant 2019

Potts, J. & Hughes, D.


Project: Other

Membership of Future Earth Australia

Hughes, L.


Project: Other

Big Data for Cognitive Business Processes

Yang, J.


Project: Other

Rapid and targeted training of Australian soldiers to reduce injury and improve performance during loadcarriage

Doyle, T., Saxby, D., Wills, J., Lloyd, D. & Lenton, G.


Project: Other

The Emotional Architecture of English Literary Texts

Harbus, A.


Project: Other

The Origin of Galactic Positrons

Ellis, S. & Collins, M.


Project: Other

Origin of Consciousness and it's Computational Applications in Machines (MQ Discretionary Scheme)

Barron, A., Klein, C., Balleine, B. W., Bell, G., Millford, M. & Van Swinderen, B.


Project: Other

Course Compass

K Jan, S. & Rohanek, L.


Project: Other