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Layers of Landscape: the transformation of Aquileian territory from Romanisation to ruralisation. DP120103262

Traviglia, A., Fanning, P., Johnson, I. & Borzacconi, A.


Project: Research

Japan-Australia Forum: What Role Should We Play in This Region?

Loxton, J.


Project: Research

Replacement centrifuges for molecular biology and genetics

Bergquist, P. L., Nevalainen, H., Mabbutt, B., Gibbs, M. & Brown, L.


Project: Research

Recombinant viral DNA ligase

Bergquist, P. L.


Project: Research

Outside Studies Program (OSP)

Brick, J.


Project: Research

Systems biology: New generation DNA sequencing to functional analysis

Paulsen, I., Trent, R., Waterhouse, P., Dawes, I., Henry, R., Crossley, M., Bergquist, P. L., Janitz, M., Arthur, J., Reichardt, J., Packer, N., Yu, B., Scott, R. & Wade, C.


Project: Research

Mapping the connectome that controls breathing

McMullan, S. & Dempsey, B.


Project: Research

New Regionalism and the Dynamics of Local Economies

Tonts, M. & Fagan, R.


Project: Research

Distributed energy storage management system

Town, G., Muttaqi, K., Sutanto, S., Wagg, M. & MQRES, M.

25/06/14 → …

Project: Research

Interpreters in court: witness credibility with interpreted testimony

Napier, J.


Project: Research

NOSE Bag (Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Bag)

Cartmill, J. & Gilmore, A.


Project: Research

Enhancing the Academic Interface with Law Reform - 'Minors' Consent to Treatment'

Tomossy, G., Stewart, C. & Croucher, R.


Project: Research

Research Activity flow and Middleware Priorities [RAMP] Project

Schwartz, S.


Project: Research


Brown, M.

Project: Research

ARC Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology

Strezov, V., Yu, A., Zhao, D., Rudman, M., Jiang, X., Selomulya, C., Zou, R., Yan, W., Zhou, Z., Guo, B., Shen, Y., Kuang, S., Chu, K., Yang, R., Zhu, H., Zeng, Q., Dng, K., Wang, G., Zhao, B., Song, S., Evans, T., Mao, X., Zhu, J., Hu, D., Pan, R., Fan, L., Curtis, J., Li, J., Williams, R. & Luding, S.

21/10/16 → …

Project: Research

Investigating Auditory Processing using MEG

Crain, S., Coltheart, M. & Newall, P.


Project: Research

Geoarchaeology: an Australian Perspective

Fanning, P.


Project: Research

Becton Dickinson LSR-Fortessa FLow Cytometry Cell Analyser

Phillips, J. K., McMorran, B., Burgio, G., Foote, S., Sedger, L., Boyages, J., Rizos, H., Guillemin, G., Adams, S., Heng, B., Stoodley, M., McMullan, S., Blair, I., Yang, S., Warraich, S. & Sen, I.


Project: Research

Applicable categorical structures

Street, R., Johnson, M., Lack, S., Verity, D. & Lan, R.


Project: Research