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The genetic adaption of the house sparrow to Australian climate conditions

Griffith, S., Andrew, S. & Rollins, L. A.


Project: Research

Tender for Human Health and Social Impacts Node

Capon, A. & Beggs, P.


Project: Research

Hide and seek with hereditary cancer: Improving detection of colorectal cancer patients with a high risk of Lynch syndrome

Taylor, N., Tucker, K., Macrae, F., Gill, A. J., Canfell, K., Pachter, N., Parkinson, B., Solomon, M., Shaw, T., Kench, J. G., Mitchell, G., Williams, R., Lakhani, S., Marfan, H., Debono, D., Long, J., Morris, S., Phan-Thien, K., Wright, C. M. & Potter, M.


Project: Research

Memories of Utopia: Destroying the Past to Create the Future (300-650 CE)

Neil, B., Mayer, W., Allen, P. & De Wet, C.


Project: Research

Just a face in the crowd

Selvadurai, N. & Hornle, J.


Project: Research

Media and Time

Baker, J.


Project: Research

Outcomes based funding models in the health sector

Cutler, H., Gu, Y., Olin, E. & Epp, J.


Project: Research

Attentional control and self-control

Levy, N., Humphreys, G. & Kennett, J.


Project: Research

How long does it take to heal?

Di Biase-Dyson, C.


Project: Research

Plasma Focused Ion Beam for Nanoscale Characterisation of Materials

Loehr, S., Tilley, R., Munroe, P., Zhang, L., Cairney, J., Zheng, R., Saunders, M., Li, S., Hao, X., Liao, X., Pereloma, E., Tieu, K., Ma, Q., Bradby, J., Bing, S. & Piazolo, S.


Project: Research

Faculty Equipment Grant Scheme 2017

Van Yper, L.


Project: Research

Hector-1: Completing a revolutionary machine to unravel how galaxies evolve

McDermid, R., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Croom, S., Bryant, J. J., Spitler, L., Kewley, L. & Couch, W.


Project: Research

Achieving school success through effective leadership and high performing work practices

Snell, L., Rhodes, C., Sok, P. & Tse, H.


Project: Other

The challenge of growing in a hot climate

Griffith, S., Cooper-Rompato, C., Deviche, P. & Monaghan, P.


Project: Research

Darknet drug traders: a qualitative exploration of the career trajectories, activities and perceptions of risk and reward of online drug dealers

Martin, J., Barratt, M., Munksgaard, R., Coomber, R. & Demant, J.


Project: Research

Risk Culture and Under-Reporting of Risk Events

Sheedy, E.


Project: Research

SLI: Training sign language interpreters to work with media during emergencies

Orlando, M.


Project: Consultancy

Designer defects in diamond for solid state quantum networks

Rogers, L.


Project: Research

Diatom lipids: the key to past sea-ice history in remote Antarctic regions

Armand, L., George, S., Belt, S., Heraud, P., Bowler, C., Beardall, J. & MQRES, M.


Project: Research

3D printing of titanium alloys for better than forged mechanical properties

Xu, W., Qian, M., Brandt, M. & Liu, Z.


Project: Research

Big History Subtitling

Forget, S.


Project: Consultancy

MQ OSP Travel Grant

Kong, Y.


Project: Research

Urban Nature and Regenerative Cultures

Houston, D.


Project: Research