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Ecological impacts of QX oyster disease & its management strategies

Bishop, M., O'Conner, W. & APAI, A.


Project: Research

MQ Photonics Research Centre

Coutts, D. W., Withford, M., Orr, B., Carman, R., Connally, R., Dawes, J., Browne, P., Downes, J., Fuerbach, A., Goldys, E., Dekker, P., He, Y., Jin, D., Kane, D., Marshall, G., Mildren, R., Pask, H., Piper, J., Rabeau, J., Spence, D., Drozdowicz-Tomsia, K., Town, G., Zvyagin, A. & Steel, M.

1/07/07 → …

Project: Research

Completing the Gallipoli story: Researching Turkish Archives for a More Comprehensive History

Waterson, D., Prior, R., Stanley, P., Akgun, S. & Broadbent, H.


Project: Research

Spatial variability in polar soil ecosystems: An integrated study of genes, microbial biodiversity and landform evolution as a baseline for monitoring climate change

Gillings, M., Coulon, F., Ferguson, S. H., Gore, D., Kirsten, A., Raymond, B., Riddle, M., Siciliano, S., Snape, I., Stark, J. & Wasley, J.


Project: Research

Third year logic

Crain, S.


Project: Research

Children and Families Research Centre

Stapledon, J.


Project: Research

Mirroring other people's attention state

Frischen, A. & Loach, D.


Project: Research

Trust Prediction in Co-space

Lim, E. P., Lauw, H. W., Sun, A., Jaideep, S. & Wang, Y.


Project: Research

The Clothing Industry in the Asia Pacific: Managing Constant Change

Beresford, M. & Vickers, A.


Project: Research

Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS)

Thornton, R., Crain, S., Peters, P., Cupples, L., Johnston, T., Nickels, L., McMahon, C., Johnson, M., Armstrong, B., Cox, F., Harrison, E., Mannell, R., Napier, J., Newall, P., Rieschild, V., Slatyer, H., Tent, J., Lising, L., Möllering, M., Winchester-Seeto, T., Jensen, B., Palethorpe, S. & Tesan, G.

1/07/07 → …

Project: Research

Recovering Australia's legal heritage: colonial case law

Buck, A. & Kercher, B.


Project: Research

Novel ultra-broadband laser materials

Fuerbach, A.


Project: Research

The role of calcium in mantenance of blood pressure

Lonergan, T.


Project: Research

CRC Consultancy - Tony Hill

Goldys, E.


Project: Research